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PRIMETIME: Dan and James
Tune in to URY's officially most listened to show
PRIMETIME: Martyn Williams
Join Martyn and the team for a fun filled show of great music and entertainment. Includes Stop The Clock Quiz game.
PRIMETIME: The Chart Show
The all-new Chart Show including the URY Top Ten, a look at the album chart, Number Ones from around the world, the Retro Chart and the best new music (as recommended by the URY Music Team).
PRIMETIME: The Chart Show
The URY Top Ten compiled from airplay and your requests
PRIMETIME: The Impromptu ABC
Wil Bennett and David Lindley bring you some great tunes, with zero planning and in alphabetical order.
PRIMETIME: The Scott Bryan Show
We're back. The award-winning Scott Bryan Show returns on URY. Tonnes of new features. None yet confirmed.
Strap in. Oli, Steve and the Project team entertain your ears.
PRIMETIME: The Will and Mike Show
Will and Mike... Providing York Uni with plenty of LOLs
PRIMETIME: The Will Wade Show
Now that the charges have been dropped, the show can go on...
PRIMETIME: The Will Wade Show with Joe Hook
Mr Joe Hook sits in with some nice tunes and epic features while Will sorts his housing for next year.
URY Primetime: Graveshifters
"URY's best entertainment show 2010" - Mr Box
URY Primetime: Martyn Williams
Quiz game 'Stop the Clock', Headlines, Entertainment cuts, Sports news, Amazing but true, great music and much much more.
URY Primetime: Vanbrugh Chair Debate
Who will be the next Vanbrugh Chair?
URY Primetime with Jake and Ed
Jake and Ed bring banal chatter and filthy music to URY
URY Primetime with JetSetRadio!
JetSetRadio! returns, evolved, and ready to start your Friday night
URY Music: The Primetime Show

The Music Team's main show, featuring URY's Album of the Week, the latest news in the world of music, and today's hottest tracks!

URY:PM - The Eclectic Mix

Oh my gosh, for the first time the Ecletic Mix is going primetime!

You like cheesy tunes? You like requests, special guests and more? The Ecletic Mix is for you. 

In modern days a banging tune is always on, whisting Thursday's blues away with our show. Where anything goes.

The Saturday Sound Sit-Down

Welcome to URY Music's primetime show! Sit down and join us for 2 hours of music chit chat, interviews from live music events across campus and beyond plus some brilliant new music chosen by the playlisting team and reviewed by Music Team presenters.

PM: Sunday Nights with Kyle Siwek

Finish off week with two hours of the best music presented by Kyle Siwek alongside his weekly guest who will try their knowledge at the Lovingly Ripped Off Quiz of the Week.

Breakfast: Welcome Week Wound-Up

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and you'd be able to see both really well if it wasn't so gosh darn cloudy - It's Friday Morning, and Welcome Week is drawing to a close. But what's it been like from a Fresher's perspective? Join Alex Towells and honest-to-goodness Fresher Scarlet Desorgher for a look back on Welcome week and a look forward to a year of university that's going to be full of new experiences for everyone...

Breakfast: The Weekly Wound-Up

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and you'd be able to see both really well if it wasn't so gosh darn cloudy - It's Friday Morning, and the week is drawing to a close. Join Scarlet Desorgher, Claudia Milani and Alex Towells for a look back on the week, the weather and the quality of the tea they made that morning.

The Procrastination Station

Hi there! I procrastinated organising the 2-hour primetime shows I was going to do for the last few weeks of term once exams were up. Therefore, you get this one-hour show, which is like a warm up for the two hour shows I'm going to do soon. Keep an eye on the schedule next week...

Hi! My name's Alex, and welcome to a show I shouldn't do.

That Freshers' Show

Join Harvey and Jess for a special Freshers' radio show, where we invite new Freshers' to join us in the station and try their hand at radio. We will be answering all your questions about the University of York and URY. So pop in and get involved!

Matty's Metal


Who wouldn't want to lose themselves in some heavy hits on a Friday Night?! Join Matty from Save Six Songs, and dive into the depths of Metal, Nu-Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, Post-punk, and so much more! Whether you're a newbie to the scene or a pit veteran, everyone is welcome. Relax, let your hair down and get ready to bang your head - although Matty's lawyer has advised him to tell you to be careful not to hit your surroundings.

Be sure to expect completely unplanned guests (and occasionally unplanned shows), regular witty banter, uncalled for shout-outs, and of course loud and sometimes very explicit songs (It's alright, we're past the watershed.)