Want to help York make incredible award winning radio?

Want to join one of the best, largest and most diverse societies the university has to offer?

Whether you want to hear your voice played out on the airwaves, break the biggest news stories as they happen, play with state-of-the-art studios and computer systems, or just plain have fun, then URY is the place for you.

What Can I Do?

Of course, everyone wants to be on the radio! Presenting is as easy as baking a cake (disclaimer: I can't bake cakes) and you don't have to sign up at Freshers' Fair or at the start of a term to get your very own show! Just take a look at our schedule, if you can see a gap, there's no reason you couldn't fill it!

As well as presenting, URY also has 10 teams of students which look after all aspects of running a radio station. Whether that be creating the content or maintaining the station. To find out more about our teams, and what each entails, please go to the teams page.

How Do I Get A Show?

Getting your own show is easy as pie! First thing is to make sure you are a paid member, you can do this through the YUSU website.

Once you have paid, you will need to create a MyRadio account, from there you will be able to sign up to training! Under the "Get On Air" section, then click "Get Studio Trained" and take your pick of training sessions, click join and you are good to go! If there aren't any slots available, email our Training Co-ordinator at training@ury.org.uk.

During training, we will show you how to use the studio and how to apply for a show. Shows are typically one hour long, scheduled once a week.

Easy peasy!

How Do I Join?

If you’re ready to join URY right now, we have some very easy steps to get you started...

Pay Membership
The easiest way to pay membership is through the yusu.org website.
Sign Up To MyRadio
MyRadio is our computer system for managing shows, members, and our mailing list. You can join MyRadio by completing the form below, it’s instant and of course there’s no commitment to do anything.
Join Our Slack Team
Use Slack; it's like Facebook Messenger but for URY team communication. Slack has the advantage of having a “channel” for each team, so you can join any channel and see what is happening. Our Slack team: ury.slack.com sign up using your university email address.

You can also come and visit our station in Vanbrugh College, where there'll almost always be someone there to talk to you and get you set up.

Sign up today!

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