Get Involved

URY has 10 teams of students which look after all aspects of running a radio station. Whether that be creating the content or maintaining the station.

Fancy having your own show or joining a team? Start your journey by joining URY and become a paid member.

Station Management

The Management Team are the ones responsible for anything that is too boring for anyone else to do. Things like liaising with YUSU, replying to e-mails, and keeping the Station tidy, oh, and making sure we don't run out of money. We do it so you don't have to.

Production and Presenting

The presenting and production team cover everything to do with presenting! We support you as a presenter by training you to use the studio, scheduling your shows and helping you develop your presenting skills. We also cover all elements of production with our production sub-team. This includes producing all of URY’s events, from live music nights to the YUSU elections, as well as producing and presenting content for our production team shows. If you fancy being a radio producer after uni, or just want to get involved with a pre existing show rather than having your own: production is the place for you!

Audio Resources

The Audio Resource Team make all the jingles, beds and other sound effects on URY. Join our team to learn about recording, mixing and mastering audio.

News and Sport

The News and Sport team at URY work towards a series of projects. Every week, we produce reports, packages and audio interviews for URY's flagship News show: "The URY Newshour" on Wednesdays at 6pm. We then have a series of other News and Sport related shows that people can get involved in, including the "York Sport Report" Friday's 2-3pm. We have news related events and broadcasts such as Candidate Interview Night, where we interview every candidate running for an elected YUSU position in a five hour broadcast, and events relevant to national issues; during the general election we held our megashow from 8pm to 2am, reporting live on the results. Alternatively, we produce a wide range of social media, including a blog, and twitter and facebook breaking news reports. To celebrate, we go on trips, this years is to BBC Media City in Salford! Anyone can join the News and Sports team, you don't need any prior experience in journalism, we can teach you along the way. Whether you want to research or report, present or write, the News and Sports team has a place for you!


We aim to entertain. We make an impact through intriguing documentaries and features on a wide range of topics; help original characters come alive by writing, directing and producing creative Radio Dramas, and review the latest theatre and cinema releases on Stage and Screen.


We help to promote URY On Air, Online, and On Tap. Coming up with new ways to share the great content the station produces. We maintain the social media, design merchandise and organise competitions. Formally the business team, marketing was formed in 2013. If you’re the creative type who is social media savvy, then the marketing team is for you!


We are the home of all things musical! With a blog dedicated to music journalism and opinion pieces, live sessions by local and touring musicians, specialty shows with emphasis on genre, and a large vinyl collection, there's something for everyone who wants to be a part of something musical.


The engineering team regularly record and broadcast our live music sessions, set up events both on and off campus, and not forgetting keeping us on air. We also keep the station running, fixing and making thing to make the station better. If you have an interest in sound engineering or electronic engineering then this is perfect for you. Many of our projects also combine with software, so if you want to practice any of your computing knowledge on a variety of projects then this is also a good team to learn and develop. While those with experience in these things are great, we also work to help train members who have had no prior experience in some or all of these areas. Being on the engineering team is a great opportunity to gain a variety of experience, and many of our alumni have gone on and worked in the industry.


Computing team fixes stuff, whether that be web development to helping with Outside Broadcasts. We have strong connection with all of the other teams. We used a variety of different languages (such as Go and PHP) on variety on operating systems. Interested of finding out the magic that happens at the background of a radio station? No prior knowledge is required.

Other Officers

There are many people involved heavily in URY, in the committee or otherwise. We have a couple more committee positions which don't appear as part of a team.