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URY Shortlisted for Radio Award

Published on 7/12/2015. Link to original post
University Radio York has been nominated for the Radio Academy's Yorkshire Station of the Year award. Judges are looking for entries that exemplify the Yorkshire-ness of the station, as well as personality and station identity.

Also in the running for the award are BBC Sheffield, BCB Radio, Dearne FM, and Minster FM.

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners will be announced at an event in Leeds on the 15th December, following a Christmas Quiz.


URY News Special: Student Housing

Published on 6/12/2015. Link to original post
On Tuesday 24th November, the URY News Team put together an hour-long programme all about student housing and accommodation.

We put the questions you wanted answering to YUSU Well-Being and Community Rep, Scott Dawson, including when to start looking for student accommodation and how best to start the entire process.

We explored the various options of living on and off campus as returning students, both in private accommodation and campus-related halls. Our investigation included cost, ease, and logistics of getting onto campus.

We also asked representatives from both Adam Bennett and The Student Agency about their respective housing processes and what advice they could offer students who are unsure about letting agencies.

Finally we explored the paramount issue of safety in a private house, conducting an interview with the York Fire Department, who highlighted the key risks and tips for living in off campus accommodation.

YUSU Referendum Results - Living Wage Motion Passes

Published on 13/3/2015. Link to original post
With 864 votes to 47, the motion in this weeks extraordinary referendum that YUSU should ‘lobby the University to apply for Living Wage Employer status with phased implementation from the Living Wage Foundation’ has passed.
Furthermore the motion that YUSU Should ‘also conduct a research project into a 'Student Living Wage' in conjunction with an independent research body such as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Trust’, passed with 778 votes to 64.

Sam Maguire, YUSU President wrote on his blog that he is, “really happy this passed and  the Union now has the mandate to go and ensure that the University which commits to giving its staff a wage that will ensure that they have a decent standard of living. Although the University has made clear that they won't commit to we can apply significant pressure and unite with the Unions, the city council and other organisations in the sector and surrounding area and fight to ensure a fair wage for all, for now and forever. I am also delighted we have been told to develop a proper student living wage with an independent research body; this will ensure that we pay our many student staff fair wages for years to come. When developed we can also publicise it across the higher education sector and wider and put pressure on universities, unions and other employers to pay student's the fair wage they deserve.”

More on this story next term, when there will be a URY News Special on the Living Wage and Fair Pay on Campus.

YUSU Elections 2015: Candidates

Published on 9/2/2015. Link to original post

Full-Time Officers


Acts as the main spokesperson for YUSU and is responsible for the reputation, leadership and direction of YUSU as a democratic organisation.

  • Ben Leatham
  • George Blamford
  • Ollie Rowley
  • Ron Weasley
  • Sam Bourne


Represents students on issues relating to their course, teaching and learning facilities.

  • Hannah Pinsent
  • Reze Danesh-Azari
  • Sean Pullen
  • Thomas Ron
  • Tom Clark


Supports and develops extra-curricular activities amongst students, including societies, events and volunteering.

  • Chris Wall
  • Emma Smith
  • Leena Rivas
  • Loussin-Torah Pilikian
  • Rafaela Oplopoiou


Represents students on issues affecting their wellbeing, such as health, finance, accommodation and security, as well as wider community issues.

  • Edi Adegabola
  • Scott Dawson
  • Anna Cook


Coordinates and develops sport within YUSU and works to increase opportunities and participation.

  • Dave Washington
  • Ellie Whittaker
  • Grace Clarke
  • Tiarnan Cotter

Part-Time Officers


Represents black and minority ethnic students, promoting equality between students of different races and ethnicities. Candidates for this position must not self-define as White British.

  • Liz Ogenyi & Tamaki Laycock
  • Maria Munir
  • Ruth Maku
  • Aquib Hussain & Yousef Jumah


Represents disabled students and promotes awareness of accessibility issues on campus and around York. Candidates for this position must self-define as having a disability, or be considered to have one by the University or law.

  • Zohra Khan


Encourages the development of environmentally and ethically sound working practices within YUSU and the University.

  • Jacob Webb & Tess Parker
  • Omar Mousa
  • Denis Farrer & Shaquile Noor


Represents international students and encourages their participation in wider YUSU and University activities. Candidates for this role must be an international student.

  • Paraskevi Theodoraki & Danai Moustsipai
  • Richard Osho & Ilyas Sliti
  • Roberto Avelar & Olivia May Grutter


Represents students who do not self-define as both heterosexual and cis-gendered and works to increase awareness of LGBTQ issues. Candidates for this position must not self-define as heterosexual and cis-gendered.

  • Andy Macaulay
  • Ashley Reed
  • Evie Brill & Jack Chadwick
  • Liam O'Brien & Dom Smithies


Represents mature students, provides social opportunities for them and encourages their participation in wider YUSU and University activities. Candidates for this position must be over the age of 21.

  • No Candidates


Represents women and promotes women's liberation across campus. Candidates for this position must self-define as women.

  • Katie Mellor & Ananna Zaman


Develops fundraising opportunities for students.

  • Anand Goyal & Michelle Lee
  • Hannah Geddes
  • Izzy Wisher


Develops opportunities for students to become involved in volunteering

  • Faye Astin & Becky Longbottom



Chairs the Policy Review Group, referendum debates and Union AGMs, as well as having a number of other responsibilities in holding officers and others to account and helping to develop policy.

  • Callum Furness


Represent the views of students from York and vote on national policy at NUS Conference.

  • Callum Shannon
  • Chris Wall
  • Jemima Busby
  • Stephen Harper
  • Sean Pullen
  • Caleb Riley
  • Beth Curtis
  • William Hornett
  • Habib Nassar
  • Stuart Maule
  • Henry Hale
  • Nourhan Nassar


Sit on University Senate, the most important University committee on teaching and learning. It is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and is also attended by the President and Academic Officer. Senate reps start their term on the last day of Spring Term.

  • Faisal Hamza


Responsible for the financial and legal implications of YUSU’s activity. The sole student trustee position elected will begin their term in August. Student trustees must be eligible to be a trustee.

  • Benjamin Roach
  • Jack Chadwick
Make sure you tune in on Friday Week 7 from 19:00 for our exclusive interviews with all the candidates and to the URY Newshour for the latest campus stories including comment and reaction on today's announcement. 

Gasoline hits York - New student club night set to be sellout

Published on 21/1/2015. Link to original post
URY has spoken to the organisers of the brand new student run club night. The event, called ‘Gasoline’, is being run by third years Chris Morris and Andrew Rees. They have previously organised the sell-out event ‘Vertigo’, which also took place in Mansion last year in association with Vanbrugh College, where Chris was Vice Chair for Entertainment and Services.

URYs Head of News and Sport George Lane caught up with Chris and Andy to find out about why they thought that there was a need for a student run night on the same night as the less than popular YUSU Fibbers night.

Advanced tickets are £2 and are half the price of the YUSU night. With on the door guest-list prices at £3, the event over all three floors in the recently renovated Mansion Club is set to become a regular and well loved part of the York nightlife calendar.

To hear the interview,  go to the URY Player 

URY Wins National Student Radio Award

Published on 11/11/2014. Link to original post

The URY News and Sport team have been awarded a national Student Radio Award during the live ceremony at the O2 on Thursday night.

River Safety: York's Rising Problems won Silver Journalistic Broadcasting at the SRAs which was presented by Radio 1s Nick Grimshaw and Capitals Dave Berry.

Former Head of News and Sport Ben Bason said, "We were so pleased to win the award in such a competitive category and for such an important piece of journalism about river safety in York. It was a massive team effort, with the whole news team contributing to the programme, so we all should be proud of such a great achievement!"

The one hour show, produced by Ben Bason and News Editors George Lane and Carys Brain, aired on 30th April, focused on the 4 fatalities associated with nights out and the rivers of York. The show included interviews with the mother of Megan Roberts and girlfriend of Ben Clarkson; both victims to the River Ouse. The URY Newshour special also included a message from the Police, the newly founded York River Boat and a reporter spent a night with the Street Angels, who aim to keep people safe on a night.

George Lane, Head of News and Sport at URY said that, "throughout the next year the URY Newshour, Sportshour and York Talks will continue to make hard hitting and relevant student news on our weekly shows at 6pm on Wednesday and Fridays." Look out for the upcoming specials on The York Media and also Fair Pay on campus campaign. 

URY nominated for national Student Radio Award

Published on 23/10/2014. Link to original post
The University Radio York News and Sport Team have been nominated for a national Student Radio Award, due to be announced on the 6th November at the O2 Arena in London.

The special programme titled 'River Safety: York's Rising Problems' produced by former Head of News and Sport Ben Bason, and News Editors George Lane and Carys Brain, focused on the previous academic years river deaths.

The hour long show featured interviews with the family and friends of Megan Roberts and Ben Clarkson; along with a report into the Street Angels scheme, tips for surviving an unexpected and information from the new York Rescue River Boat.

Results will be announced at the live ceremony, supported by BBC Radio 1 and the Global Network and URY News and Sport are in the 'Best Journalistic Broadcasting' category.

WMHD organisers reject Nouse article

Published on 23/10/2014. Link to original post
On Wednesdays (22/10/14) YorkTalks at 6pm we will be debating how far student media on campus can criticise student run events and to what extent anonymous quotes in articles are justified.

Today Nouse published an article written by their Deputy News Editor criticising the recent World Mental Health Day event. The article leads with that the event, "received a mixed reaction from students at the university.” Organisers of the event have since published an open letter criticising the journalistic credibility of this article and have said that, “It is shocking that you were prepared to published an unbalanced, under-researched article...We call on Nouse and its team to consider carefully the responsibilities they have; responsibilities not only to the name and reputation of your newspaper, but more importantly to conducting complete, unbiased research when constructing articles.”

The full article can be read here:

The full open letter from WMHD organisers can be read here:

How far student papers should report on student run events and how far student papers should reference sources and quotes? A full discussion will take place on ((University Radio York)), Wednesday at 6pm, on YorkTalks. Tweet your opinions @urynews or email with the subject YorkTalks.

Article written 21/10/14

Yorkshire Marathon hits campus

Published on 13/10/2014. Link to original post
Sunday 12th October saw around 8000 runners descend on the University of York campus for the second annual Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon.

Organised by the Jane Tomlinson Foundation, the race saw runners going by historic sites in York, before having a scenic run through the York villages.

URY were broadcasting live during the race and had exclusive interviews with many people taking part. For highlights, tune into the URY Newshour, 6pm, Wednesday. Or listen to the highlights podcast.

Here is station manager Harry Whittaker with the team from BBC Look North.