Team Description

The engineering team regularly record and broadcast our live music sessions, set up events both on and off campus, and not forgetting keeping us on air. We also keep the station running, fixing and making thing to make the station better. If you have an interest in sound engineering or electronic engineering then this is perfect for you. Many of our projects also combine with software, so if you want to practice any of your computing knowledge on a variety of projects then this is also a good team to learn and develop. While those with experience in these things are great, we also work to help train members who have had no prior experience in some or all of these areas. Being on the engineering team is a great opportunity to gain a variety of experience, and many of our alumni have gone on and worked in the industry.

Team Committee

Photo of Bee Stevens

Bee Stevens

Chief Engineer
Photo of Alyx Bruno-Bamford

Alyx Bruno-Bamford

Deputy Chief Engineer
Photo of Cameron Watt

Cameron Watt

Deputy Chief Engineer

Team Members

Photo of Millie Gee

Millie Gee

Engineering Officer
Photo of Ashley Bryan

Ashley Bryan

Engineering Officer
Photo of Ren Herring

Ren Herring

Engineering Officer

Get Involved

If you have any further questions, please contact the team officers by using the email seen above. You can also come and visit our station in Vanbrugh College, where there'll almost always be someone there to talk to you and will help you to join the team.

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