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York 90
A round up of the week's top stories from campus, North Yorkshire and the world. As well as a full entertainment run down, what's on guide and after six, a run down of the day's campus sporting action.
Roger That

Roger That returns for another year. Featuring classic features like Segment of the Week as well as some new games. And of course we'll fill the hour with 100% bangers. 

The Markham and Wright Show

From Biggie to Bowie, with plenty of chit chat. The Markham and Wright Show; pleasuring you for the next hour.

Mr Box + Graveshifters = oral gratification.
Northern Corner

Best thing since t'pits n flat caps.

This one goes out to the one i love
Slick, sexy and superfluous, a weekly entertainment show for the one i love!.
Rob and Steve
Rob and Steve do entertainment all over you. They won this award, right, which means that they are definitely the third most entertaining student radio show in mainland UK, according to some people who ought to know. Sceptical? Give us a try.
URY:PM with Ben - The Final Show

I could not be more totes emosh. My last EVER show on URY. And it's a 3 hour extravaganza. There will be fun, there will be music, there will be laughs and there will be emotion. I'll be bringing back all of the classic features - Wakeipedia, Play Your Facts Right, On This Day, Fashion Tip of the Week - and many more. Plus Carys and I will be joined by many friends of the show to join in the merrirment. It's not one to be missed. 

The Culture Show

A show covering all things arts, and history, in and around the city of York. Featuring a special guest (or two). Come listen to us discover things you want to know, and many things you probably didn't want to know bi-weekly!

Moby Dick Attacks The West Country Holiday Train: The Waldorf and Statler of URY return after 40 years

URY alums Kim Scudamore and Richard Pilkington return to the airwaves after a 40 year hiatus. They'll be bringing you a show full of nostalgia, classic music and umming and ahhing as they work out how the new technology works.

The Cem Show
Celebrit, Entertainment, Music..
Acceptable In The 90s

An hilariously funny voyage through 90s nostalgia with unique games and chat, soundtracked of course by 90s superstars such as Blur, Oasis, Pulp, and many, many more.

Alumni Shows: The Nic Munday Show (One Last Time)

Back for one last hurrah (he's said that before) The Nic Munday Show is back again. Tune in for two hours of fun-filled features, great tunes and just a bit of a laugh. Featuring the old favourite, Film Review Time.

URY Breakfast - Light Refreshment

Alex, Joe and Jess decided that the evenings were just too late and what everybody really wants to do, is a breakfast show! Join the trio for the most fun you've ever had at uni before 2pm when you usually wake up.

URY Evening Selection: Amer Iqbal
Slick, sexy and superfluous, a weekly entertainment show for the one i love!.
URY Lunch with Chalk and Charles
It's all fun and games until somebody puts on Chalk and Charles...
The most entertaining show on student radio is back.
Really Awesomely Rare Entertainment. Indie isn’t that indie anymore. Everyone loves Kings Of Leon, Killers and Bloc Party, and these bands get a lot of plays on URY and even on stations like Radio 1. RARE plays quality indie and rock from bands you haven’t necessarily heard of yet, but really should love.Including interviews with bands and singer songwriters, special acoustic studio sessions, and the wise words of the presenters, whose hilarious ramblings veer from irreverent banter to heavy-handed satire, with just the right amount of sexual tension.
URY Brunch: The Breakfast Club with Dom and Hector

11 is breakfast time right?

URY Breakfast: Midweek Sparrow-Fart

Sparrow-Fart: "Very early in the morning!" Join Jay and Steve every week as they get up at sparrowfart purely for your entertainment. With a look at the mornings papers, some form of music and invariably some form of conversation, it's everything you would expect from a breakfast programme and more (or less).

URY:PM - Mikey & Josh: The New Yorkers

Two of York’s freshers hit the airwaves for the first time to share with you their experiences and tales of life in the small apple. Shows will often be a cocktail of light hearted humour and bad music choices.

The Heidi & Jo Show
URY's very own loose women providing you with afternoon entertainment.
The Silver Screen
Liam and Jack provide their unique take on the week in entertainment. - Tune in for all the latest news & reviews from the world of film & Television!
URY: The Scott Bryan Show
We're back, bigger and brighter than ever. The award-winning Scott Bryan Show returns on URY. We've got a team, we've got new features and we're gonna try to make it the best fresher's week ever. We have a special 'Freshers Survival Guide' programme, a one-off freshers related Chain Reaction AND Entertainment News from our own Lizzie Liptrot and 'News in Brief' with our fabulous Zeenat Rahim. Plus Philip Oldershaw from the Phil Show fame.
That's Entertainment !
The best way to spend your Saturday continues with Grace and Steph, bringing you classic tunes and deep, meaningful discussions (obvs).
URY:PM with Tom Holmes and Kat Ronson