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Afternoon Messiah
The Messiah of Rock n Roll returns...
An Introduction To...
Weekly musical education on artists and genres from the worlds of funk, rock, electro and many more.
Anthony's Miscellanea

A 'choice' selection of my tastes in music, from the ancient to the almost modern. Complete with inane babble in-between!

At Midnight, All The Agents
A collection of classic Rock songs, mostly 60s and 70s but with more modern songs also.
Audio Attack!
Lots of different genres of music will be played including 'metal' and 'nice stuff' (that's a genre now I think). Chatting too. Fun, yeah? Yeah.
Ben on URY
With an eclectic mix of music, inane ramblings, guests, quizzes and your chance to get involved, Ben has your perfect URY evening covered.
Bex and Bauer Hour
Grab a biscuit and join us for general noise, nonsense and a good ol’ natter. Bex and Bauer: bridging the North/South divide.
Biggsy Bizzle
Songs you may like. A selection of the best of alt. rock, dance, electro and maybe a bit of hip hop from the last few decades.
Bos Tones

The home of Reggae on ((URY)). 

Breaking the Mould
A mix of non-mainstream music and forgotten classics, with in-depth, interactive debate.
Breaking the Mould - Summer review
A nearly comprehensive review of all the great new music you shouldn't, but still may have, missed out on over the past few months
Campus Drivetime
The show dedicated to getting you across campus safely. Jamie and Rich unveil the most fashionable tracks, hottest gossip and updates across campus.
Sit back with an afternoon cuppa with Jai and James and a special VIP as we muse on the past week. Whimsical yet stirring chat from 3 campus chaps.
A fun lively discussion show about topical and interesting social issues with music.
Demolition Radio
The new face of metal and hard rock has arrived! Off The Cuff's sister show provides any avid alternative music lover with the best masterpieces this genre has to offer, whilst still keeping the senseless banter you've come to expect from OTC alive and well.
Elliott and Timmy's Thursday Therapy
Join Elliott and Timmy on a tour of their warped minds. Enjoy some classic tunes as they tackle the smaller weekly issues in their own special way.
New Music. The latest music from URY's music team.
Free Culture Radio
A weekly one hour show highlighting and discussing issues relevant to the Free Culture movement. Along side nice rock music.
Friday Night Cocoa Puffs
A delicious mixture of crunchy hip-hop, sweet post-rock and a splash of milky folk, are all the ingredients needed for a great bowl of music!
Gone in 60 Minutes
A one shot lunch special of your favourite dance and R'n'B with a sprinkling of rock too. Could you think of a better revision aid?.
Gramaphone Revue
If you've got ears, you gotta listen. In recent weeks we've played j-pop, stoner rock, desert blues, ambient throbbing, steamboat jazz, wintery northern electronica and The Magnetic Fields, worth a listen no? Aided and abetted by Longhurst, Tiis, Cotteril, Siamantas, Bromwich and Pablo.
H Block Rock
A melange of classic rock which most of you won't have heard from artists most of you will have heard of. This being our first ever show, we'll be trying to give a sense of what the show will be about and the kinds of things we'll be playing. May include the odd well-known track.
Immigrant Song
Indie, Rock and stories from Romania
Infantile Disorder
Beyond help. Underground, non-commerical music and non-music from around the world, behind closed doors and under the stairs. Hiphop, Grime, Dubstep, Punk, Post-Rock Ragga, Electronica, Beats and Breaks, Raggae, Dub, Freefolk, antifolk, spoken word, Grindcore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Klezmer and more. Guests and interlopers. Technical ineptitude. Death to Topshop indie! Feed the hipsters to the lions!.
In Lieu of Anything Better
Join us for an hour of games, fun features and a wide range of music; in lieu of anything better to do with your afternoon.