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University Radio York's flagship Sunday morning show. (for a small amount of time)

I played some quiet jazzy songs.

But I got bored of the idea when I realised that having the Sunday morning slot wasn't very impressive even if it was quite funny.

And also I was half awake.

Very nice life experience being forced to talk into a microphone in an empty room :)

I should probably listen back to these to make sure these audio clips don't cancel me but... for the most part, I trust that my that my younger self wouldn't get cancelled.

Feel free to listen back to these shows but I warn you- they're bad.



Yakov Boani

Computing Technician

Yakov Boani


Yakov Boani


Yakov Boani


Yakov Boani

Executive Producer

Yakov Boani

Executive Teaboy

Yakov Boani


Yakov Boani


Yakov Boani

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