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In Lieu of Anything Better
Join us for an hour of games, fun features and a wide range of music; in lieu of anything better to do with your afternoon.
Jamie and Oli on ((URY))
Well, well, well. It's Jamie and Oli on ((URY)). Bringing you all the best tunes and features you didn't know you wanted to hear.
Midnight With Retrospectre
My god? Are you still awake!? You should cure that with an hour of Din and Matt, featuring old music, old jokes and tired yawnings.
Oh God No It's Retrospectre Again
Old music; old jokes; new year; a truly exquisite experience guaranteed. Formerly the University Computer Recycling Project semi-official radio show!
PRIMETIME: The Chart Show
The all-new Chart Show including the URY Top Ten, a look at the album chart, Number Ones from around the world, the Retro Chart and the best new music (as recommended by the URY Music Team).
Songs from the 60's through to the 90's that remind you just how great they are

Join Matt Windsor for an hour of URY's finest old music, from the 70s and 80s to your ears.

Retrospectre 2: The Quickening
Music from the 70s, 80s and 90s to accelerate to 88 miles per hour by. There can be only one Retrospectre! (Thankfully.)
Retrospectre 95 with Din 'n' Matt
Join Matt the Walking Existential Crisis and Din the Magic Mole for the only way to Start(tm) your Friday evening! "Don't DOS around, tune in!~"
Retrospectre Vista
One wrong move, and it's yet another Friday with Din Cahill, Matt Windsor, and a heap of old music, bad jokes and things that go bump in the night.
Retrospectre XP Service Pack 3
"Competent" "DJ" Matt-kun and "Magic Mole" Din-san "play" the "tunes" from 1969 to 2001 and beyond. Formerly the Computer Recycling Project semi-official show!
Super Radio 64
Your first stop for computer game music from some of the best games that I can think of, ranging from retro to current generation.
URY:PM - URY Chart Show

James counts down the biggest 20 songs on campus compiled from airplay and your requests.  He also takes a look at the UK album chart and turns back the clock with some retro No1s.

URY Chart Show- Week One
James Brookes counts down the 20 biggest songs of last term, based on airplay and your requests.
URY LUNCH with Daz
Daz is now here on a Wednesday to give you a weekly helping of lunchtime music, sizzling chat and tasty features! Stirring up your week with "Name That Tone" and also some on campus involvement. As well as the occasional interview, don't forget to check in with the "Retro Half Hour" every week where we look back at years gone by. Then sit back and relax and enjoy your lunchtime the way Chuck Norris intended!
URY:PM with Ewen MacDonald
90 minutes jam-picked with the best in retro pop & rock, with a refreshing helping of recent music.
WEEK ONE: URY Chart Show
The ten biggest songs on campus this week as well as a look at the album chart, No.1's around the world and some retro No.1's
Straight From The Fridge with Hazel and Megan
Two rock 'n' rolling gals, your new best pals, bringing the good days back, track by track! So if you want to move your feet tune into our beats, for the all-new, drape-shape, hep-hopped-up and swinging like a gate rock 'n' roll radio show on your very own URY! Plant ya now, dig ya later...
URY Chart Show
James Brookes counts down the 20 biggest songs on campus, compiled from airplay and your requests. Also, a weekly look at the album chart and some retro No1s.
URY:PM - URY Chart Show: the chart of last term

James Brookes counts down the 20 biggest songs of the Spring Term 2013. Who will have the biggest song; Calvin Harris? Bastille? Taylor Swift? Macklemore?

SpeakEasy Listening
A hand-picked selection of booming big bands, toe-tapping swing music and other hits from the 1920-45 period.
URY Chart Show

James Brookes counts down the twenty biggest songs on URY last term, based on airplay and your requests.  Who will take the term's No1?  Robin Thicke?  Daft Punk?  Passenger?  Also, a look at the UK album chart and we turn back the clock with some retro No1s.

Matt Windsor's Entirely New-Music Based Radio Show

Matt from Retrospectre! does an hour of music released this year, for a challenge.

Mike Wallbank's Rockabilly Riot!

A show to turn even the lamest of squares into far-out foot tappers.

Over the course of the show, extreme levels of rockabilly will be pumped through the airwaves of URY, from Elvis Presley to The Big Bopper, all with the intention of providing maximum satisfaction.

The show will consist of anecdotes relating to the music in question, explorations into the popular themes and concepts of rockabilly/rock 'n' roll (such as a show dedicated to 'Death Discs'), as well as interviews with individuals who remember watching the rock 'n' roll stars of the 1950s in their heyday. Playing the big hits of the 1950s, as well as with the secret 7" golddust that's been hiding in the attic, this show will provide a roster of early rock 'n' roll and rockabilly that will make you want to turn your fringe into a quiff, your Volkswagen into a Cadillac, and your Carling into a Cherry Coke.

Good Time Charlie

Charlotte just wants you to all have a jolly good time. Oldies you can move your feet to in the library and chat you can enjoy whilst having a cuppa.