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The Computing team are let out of the cage server closet once per week in a desperate attempt to do some "quality" "radio". Management quickly realises that this is a mistake and that these people must be kept under lock and key busy at all times.

WK24: William King's PM Party

William King is rounding off three years of student radio with 24 hours of non-stop broadcasting. There'll be party rings, chocolate fingers and maybe even some cheese and pineapple things!

Bonkers Conkers

If rock is your genre of choice, then look no further. Tuck-in to a plateful of punk and indie bangers served up for your enjoyment, with just a sprinkling whatever I'm most interested in on the day. Together, we can hopefully discover something new each week!

The Wayback

A trip back to the 80's and 90's with radio replica to even adverts to give a retro feel back to the air.

The Actual Show
Actual radio with actual people.
WK24: My Secret Obsession

William King is rounding off three years of student radio with 24 hours of non-stop broadcasting. Everyone's got that thing which keeps them awake at night, that image they can't get out of their head. In an exclusive for URY, William King reveals his secret obsession.

All Around the World: One More Time

Join Cameron Gordon for his final ever trip around the world on URY. Featuring classic segments such as 'She Wants a Man From Brum' and 'Brian of the Week', as well as some final reflections on three years at university. All Around the World: One More Time is a non-stop party and a fitting end to the radio voyage.

Speech All Stars Present:

Old and New members of Speech team have gathered together over this weekend to create some spectacular Speech radio. What will they have created? Who knows! Find out by tuning in.

The History of URY
Former Station Manager Gill Rickson presents everything you need to know about the last 40 years of University Radio York. Produced by former Programme Controller Matt Wareham.
Sophie’s Birthday Show!

It's my birthday, listen to me on the radio!

All Around the World

Back for the fourth and final season! 

Experience a trip around world through some total bangers! All Around the World aims to play music from South Africa to South America, South Sudan to South Korea, New South Wales to South London. 

'The New World Order' by Ben Jeapes. Part 2: 1651
niversity Radio York's national award winning team presents our most ambitious drama to date, which sees the English Civil war turned on its head when a third force enters the battle in this alternative history thriller. Six years have past since the events of Part 1 and an uneasy peace has been agreed. But with the arrival of The Dommonel and missionaries from Golekh englands peace stands on a knife edge. Based on the acclaimed novel and available to hear worldwide at www.ury.org.uk, with two feature length Episodes over two consecutive weeks!
Results Day 2022: DIZorganised

Welcome to more afternoon radio on University Radio York! Dizzy will take you through the next few hours with discussions about uni, results and all things student radio!

URY LIVE AT 5: The Ben and Nick Show
...and then there was radio. The self-appointed saviours of URY return. Coming in your ears this Spring, it's the 'all new' Ben and Nick Show.
Yakov's Sunday Service Breakfast Broadcast

University Radio York's flagship Sunday morning show. (for a small amount of time)

Rob and Steve
Rob and Steve do entertainment all over you. They won this award, right, which means that they are definitely the third most entertaining student radio show in mainland UK, according to some people who ought to know. Sceptical? Give us a try.

A long time ago in a radio station far far away... 

Join us as we talk about the final season of The Bad Batch and hope that it doesn't end in tears... 

WK24: The Shipping Forecast

William King is rounding off three years of student radio with 24 hours of non-stop broadcasting. Sailors picking up URY probably have something wrong with their radio, but they can consider this hour a public service.

Tea for Two

Hello! Brew yourself a cup of tea, grab a biscuit (or 25, we won't judge), sit back, and enjoy the show! Join us for a chat about anything from the ups and downs of student life at the University of York to baking and, your weekly dose of much-needed✨ serotonin✨.

We post tons of fun and useful episode-related content over on Instagram @teafortworadioshow and our comments section and DMs are always open. Feel free to come to say "hi" or tell us what you thought about our episode, we'd love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia and Abbie

Live from Liverpool

The double agent himself is back (They just can't get rid of me)! Coming to you live from the Liverpool Guild of Students in a studio kindly loaned out by Liverpool Guild Student Media. They're not on air right now but never let something so trial as technical difficulties get in the way of good radio; and what better place to go than my old stomping gound at URY.

Radio is Ded

And we killed it.

URY Brunch: The Girl Power Hour(s)

Unlike Beyoncé, we make our own content. Join us as we exercise our contractual right to a maximum of 2 Beyoncé songs in an hour, plus as may features as we can find.

a very specific radio show

songs that fit a different theme every week, depending on the specific feeling i want to convey. some themes might include: homesickness, change, the ruins of love, pancakes and syrup, the freedom of singing loudly in the car, yearning, what a teenage summer feels like, self love, anger, and pride. basically i like words and i like songs.

The Hep Cat Radio Hour

Urban Dictionary defines the term 'Hep Cat' as being: a musical cat who can hang and fit in with other cats that can jive. Making a show for those eclectic hep cats is what we plan to do here. Strictly for musical cats, not necessarily of the feline variety.  

The (Bi)Weekly Muddle

It's Gina and Jamie. It's third year. We're still on the radio. We're still funny. Tune in.