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Stevo tries not to break URY.

After over a year off the airwaves, Stephen Stevo Clarke is returning for an hour, where he'll do his best not to break everything and take the station of air! There'll be some other people there too probably. 

Risky Disco: The Warm up to Tokyo
If you're heading out tonight then this is the only show you need to hear! Exclusive offers, and music from chart to cheese!
Off The Halls
Playing a variety of fabulous folk music
Just Turn It Off Already! Spring 2021

Its the end of term, so come along and enjoy while The Man (read as 'Ofcom') tries to (read as 'tells us to') shut us down (read as 'not broadcast outside our allowed period')!


Dan and James
Your week starts here with URY's Officially Most Listened to show of 2009.
Off Air

Hey, you found an easter egg! We're off air right now; check our social medias to see when we'll be back!

URY:PM - An Evening Joshing

Two feel-good hours of Josh playing some fantastic music as well him going off on stories about his various encounters with York's territorial wildlife, pathetically terrifying experiences on his bike and arguably informative features, how could you not listen?

Tuesday Morning With Adam
Music and that from an absolute prat. Off-beat chat, competitions, and a wider selection of music than a kleptomaniac in Zavvi.
8-Bit and Beyond

The hosts of 'Building Bridges the Road to Rock and Roll' and 'The Nightcall' come together to play you the very best music the video game world has to offer; with plenty of additional room for discussion, TV and Anime soundtracks, memes and more.

Just Turn Us Off Already: Turn Off 2021 Retirement Special

The end of the uni year is nigh, and as such, so is the end of a few URY Careers. Yes, it's time to get ready to move on from uni and into the real world, while of course staying at a respectful two metre distance. Join us as we reminisce about the last few years, and close off the academic year with a bang! (Hopefully not from Stores...)

That Untitled 80s Experience
In which the pilot episode of a series offering alternating playlist of 80s classics and current chart hits is broadcasted.
Watch the URY officers through the night as the office gets a well deserved face lift!.
Afternoon Delight
Just what you need after a long day at the office. Or a short day at uni...
Club Med with Lev & Jose
York's finest Mediterranean two piece to offer you the best in music, new and old from a wide range of genres.
Folk Off!
Formally Off the Halls-this is a music show of folky goodness to entertain (and educate) the masses, and prove it's not all Morris Dancers...
End of an Era

A special broadcast celebrating three years at UOY including special guests, live performances and brand new features.

Things Can Only Get Bitter

A look back at the week's events, both local and global with esteemed guests that were definitely not picked at random off the streets.

Numi Now or Never

Hell has offficially frozen over, this is Numi's last show on URY. 

Super Bowl Sunday XLVIII

Join Harry Whittaker and Eiron Page, two self-professed American Football ignoramuses, as they attempt to make sense of the Super Bowl and offer an insightful play-by-play commentary on the events of the evening. Matt Bramall, who does know about the game, will be on hand to lend guidance and expertise where they are most desperately needed.

Yorking Heads 1968 Two Hour Special!!

Celebrating the week we were born as an official station, I'll be playing some of the absolute gems that came out in 1968. We will also be delving in to the events of the year and of course, commemorating an historic day in your favourite station's history! 

URY Brunch: Christmas In Your Face

A longer one-off christmas special!

same old spunky teens, house electro disco soul dubstep and scenester rubish, plus audio debauchary from harvey slater and holdsworth ury's flagship dance program/official thursday night warm up/ winner of best show name at the ury's 2008, ect ect. annie mac's mash up on a student budget.
URY:PM - (( URY Music ))

The official (( URY Music )) show! Tune in for our weekly roundup of the best unreleased tunes out there, thanks to our contacts in the promotion business.

The Heads of Music bring you the future of music in the UK and the best acts out there with our weekly Sessions in Studio 2.

Coming all the show are also the journalists from Circulation Magazine bringing you the latest news of the local and surrounding music seen.

We are the Fringe Alternative Societys official radio show! We cater to a huge range of music tastes from death metal through industrial to pop punk.
The Sweetest Hour

The Sweetest Hour is presented to you by your host Sweet Taniks. On this show you can expect: an eclectic selection of music and rip-offs of popular podcast's games and discussion formats; including silly chats and interviews with other students here in York.