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10 Hour Takeover
Sean keeps you going if you're pulling an all-nighter to get your dissertation done.
Campus Chats with Chris Young
What's going on on campus as well as campus gossip
Club (( URY ))
Festive tinpot dance and camp classics to keep you going on the last night of term...
Dan, James and Harry Experience
Dan, James and Harry entertain the University of York, taking a cynical, satirical view on the weeks news and providing the best music going.
Flogging a Dead Horse with Joseph Hook
I'm back! With the best selection of music on radio today - including gems that you had forgotten about, some that you never knew, and as many of your requests as I can fit in. Including an extraordinary line-up of exciting guests, and a plethora of enthralling features. It's going to be even better than Hooky's Whole Hour was last term! I know, I didn't think it was possible either.
Fresher's Fair
We broadcast live from the Physics Dept what's going down at this year's freshers fair
Happy Hour with Pete and Rob
Pete, Rob and an assortment of guests bring you Happy Hour: 60 minutes of great music, games and laughs. Catch up with what's going on in York that you should know about, and join us as we trawl through the week's funnier news stories!
Lie In With Demi And Alex
This is the show to listen to if you want an hour of fun and laughter! We'll be talking about the everyday goings on in and around campus and our likes and dislikes....no doubt there will be a few debates!! =]
Mike going solo
The better half of Mike and John goes it alone for an hour and a half of fun-filled radio. Expect new material, new games, all in preparation for a bright new term
No Show Scheduled
The music library is set to shuffle, in a vaguely themed evening of badinage, music and general bardic goings-on.
Off The Cuff
Ever felt you could be wasting your life doing something useful? Off The Cuff has something right up your alley. Be it a love of rock music, a passion for useless knowledge or a general dislike for humankind, our presenters possess all that and more. Welcome aboard, it’s going to be an interesting voyage.
The URY Music Team present all that's been going on in the music world over the past week.
Purple Haze

Rock & Roll, blues, jazz, soul, classic rock, indie, electro, hip-hop and much more. 4 presenters bringing their favorite stories and news from music and looking for the hottest gigs worth going to. 

Sports Saturday
Live coverage of all the day's live football matches. A slightly more biased, and definitely more emotional, alternative round-up of all the live scores from Saturday's football, across the leagues. With live match reports coming from all the grounds, and our pundits digesting the information in the studio, we will keep you up to date with all that's going on the world of football.
The Big Turn On
So here we go! Let's see if everything is working - an hour special taking us to all rooms of URY and beyond. Join us as we grab people of the street to see how their 2009 is going.
The DAndy Lie-In
Utterly unecessary yet brilliantly bizarre - the 'Late Breakfast' returns. We've accepted that we're never going to make prime time, but we'll be damned if it'll bring us down! The Late Breakfast is a mixture of killer tunes (when we figure out how to play them) with cutting-edge dialogue to match. We like to think we're funny, but we're fully prepared to accept we're not. Packed full of wacky guests and pointless featurettes, there is no stone we leave unturned, no bird un...stoned and, well you get the idea. Bottom line - we're fun, eclectic with a serious love of all kinds of music thrown in! If that isn't enough, we have our very own Leprechaun - beat that.
The Graveyard Shift
Ah so it's that time of night again, you're either asleep or desperately writing that essay in for tommorow. Well don't worry, i'm totally here to help! Thats with music, i'm not actually going to write your essay.
The Sabretooth Smile
No-one knows what we're going to play. Not Even us!.
The Scott Bryan Show Evening Warm-Up
The evening edition of the Scott Bryan Show getting you ready for the evening ahead whatever is going down during Freshers Week. Proper trendy music, not really anything really else on the radio at this time. Presented by Scott Bryan with additional help by Zeenat Rahim and Lizzie Liptrot. We're here with 'York Your News', all of your stories about York for the rest of us, a York version of '101 things you didn't know about York, but now you know, so there you go, so don't complain' and a look back at the good bits of URY for the last 40 years. We're on 19.00-21.00 Monday-Friday during Freshers.
The STD of Rock
"The STD(Sean & Tim Digest) of Rock" will infect your wireless for 60 minutes of top notch rock music, once a week every week. Ranging from Manson to Metallica, Slayer to Springsteen and Hammerfall to Hendrix, "The STD of Rock" is the place for your weekly fix of top rock anthems. Get your night going with The STD of Rock. Warning- May cause a rash/excessive headbanging/air guitar syndrome. Consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.
The show that really does cover campus completely. Reviews and interviews of what's been going on in York and on campus.
Your views, Your York - Your World. The speech team has a shiny new show for Sundays! Tune in to find out what's going on in York and on campus, hear reviews of the latest drama and film, listen to what our correspondents have been up to, and join in with discussions on the issues of the day.
URY Breakfast - The Duvet Lifters
This is the show to get you out from under that duvet. Packed with the finest blend of rare and not-so-rare music beans. Years of meticulous development have resulted in a show with the sole aim of easing human life back to the vertical. With his encyclopedic knowledge of swathes of artists, and his penchant for all things Bushy, Hugh provides the main musical drive. His quirky tracks, mixed in with more conventional fayre, are bound to excite the ears. James will make sure Morrissey and Goldfrapp get their airtime. With its easy going chatter and continual references to mugs of coffee, listeners will be reaching for the kettle before they know it.
URY Breakfast with Martyn Williams
2 hours of great music, news, celebrity gossip. Your finger on the pulse of what's going on round campus.
URY Evening Selection: Gold
The best (and sometimes worst) of pop music history. Get your requests in now by emailing gold@ury. View show playlists, history of URY Gold and presenter Biogs by going to the Microsite.