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The Speech Hour: Mental Health Awareness Week

URY Speech Team chat about mental health during our times under lockdown, the importance of mental health and the future as we come back to the non-lockdown world.

((URY)) Sunday Roast: The Appetiser
The Speech Team introduce the ((URY)) Sunday Roast: a look into what Sunday afternoons will look like on ((URY)).
Gramaphone Revue
If you've got ears, you gotta listen. In recent weeks we've played j-pop, stoner rock, desert blues, ambient throbbing, steamboat jazz, wintery northern electronica and The Magnetic Fields, worth a listen no? Aided and abetted by Longhurst, Tiis, Cotteril, Siamantas, Bromwich and Pablo.
The J-Team

URY Music: Coffee House Sessions

The Music Team go live from The Courtyard with live music from some great up and coming talent!

URY Does The BRIT Awards 2021

It only comes round once a year, but the music team will be telling your their hot takes and predictions about the Brit Awards and the winners as it goes out live on air. Basically we are just planning on being Jack Whitehall but infinetely less funny. Tune in to arguably the biggest BritPop night of the year <3 

URY Presents: College Varsity 2020

Live coverage from across campus, as the best of York's college sport teams face off against Durham!

URY SPORT: Grandstand

Join the URY Sport team live every Wednesday afternoon and follow the action across campus as it happens.

University Radio Talk

Join the URY News team as each week we host a half hour debate on a big issue that's got people talking on campus. 

URY Sportshour

All your latest campus, local and international sports news. Plus reaction and analysis from the URY Sports Team. 

Speech All Stars Present:

Old and New members of Speech team have gathered together over this weekend to create some spectacular Speech radio. What will they have created? Who knows! Find out by tuning in.

'The New World Order' by Ben Jeapes. Part 2: 1651
niversity Radio York's national award winning team presents our most ambitious drama to date, which sees the English Civil war turned on its head when a third force enters the battle in this alternative history thriller. Six years have past since the events of Part 1 and an uneasy peace has been agreed. But with the arrival of The Dommonel and missionaries from Golekh englands peace stands on a knife edge. Based on the acclaimed novel and available to hear worldwide at www.ury.org.uk, with two feature length Episodes over two consecutive weeks!
URY Session Show
URY's Music Team interview and session a different act every week live.
Circulation Magazine Show

The best in new music from Circulation Magazine - the only dedicated music magazine on campus. Hosted by Dan Wynn and Oli Mangham with Circulation team members every week. 

YUSU Elections 2006: Candidate Question Night - Pa
Time for the Sabs to have their turn at being grilled by the URY News Team
URY Music: Interviews

The Music Team's Best Interviews from throughout the year!


Oh the humanity! Sam and Qumarth take to the airwaves under the pretense of "making" "quality" "radio". Maybe joined by whoever we can lure into the studio...

The Vinyl Frontier

Give URY A Go: OB

Come along to chat to the team and see what we do while we're outside broadcasting all across campus.

URY Headspace

The team discusses the issues facing the students at the University of York. They also offer a friendly forum for students. Kirsty Taylor reports and interviews.

URY Gender Documentary

The URY Speech team invetsigates the role of gender identity in our society.  Our aim is to raise awareness of the different types of identity, and to address related topics such as the representation of gender in the media, politics, and law, as well as looking at the history of gender and personal perspectives from students.  Georgie Norgate interviews a variety of people to learn about their personal experience with gender and some issues they have come across as a result of their gender identity.

'The New World Order' by Ben Jeapes. Part 1: 1645
URY's national award winning team presents our most ambitious drama to date, available to hear worldwide at www.ury.org.uk, with two feature length Episodes over two consecutive weeks! ‘England, May 1645: The civil war that has torn England apart between King Charles I and Parliament is nearing its bloody conclusion — and in the English countryside, a stranger seeks his old love and finds there is a son whom he has never seen...’ You would be excused, perhaps, for thinking that this is the introduction to a thrilling historical drama. And you'd be dead right. Yet this is not the history you know, for the world has turned on to a new and deadly path. With breath-taking imagination, Ben Jeapes has wrenched the familiar flow of English history out of its course and made it into something else, something entirely other. There is a third force, an entirely alien force — the Holekhor — who have martial powers of their own, their own religious leaders who command mysterious and strange forces, and who bring with them technology that should not have been seen in England for another three hundred years... Prepare to be astounded. History will never be the same again.’ Described by the Sunday Times in 2004 as "Without doubt the best science fiction book of the year”, the national award winning drama team at University Radio York has the privilege of the first ever dramatization of this incredible novel. With an incredible cast of around 30 talented student actors and a specially composed score recorded by an ensemble fine student musicians this two part feature length drama brings you, through the power of radio, scenes to rival Hollywood epics as well as an intimate portrait of historical figures and beautifully crafted characters in a world turned on its head. NOTE: This production is only going to be broadcast once and will not be available on our on demand service.
Your views, Your York - Your World. The speech team has a shiny new show for Sundays! Tune in to find out what's going on in York and on campus, hear reviews of the latest drama and film, listen to what our correspondents have been up to, and join in with discussions on the issues of the day.
Retrospectre Vista
One wrong move, and it's yet another Friday with Din Cahill, Matt Windsor, and a heap of old music, bad jokes and things that go bump in the night.
'Creditors' by August Strindberg
The last production of the URY Festival of Drama from the national award winning drama team at University Radio York. Anxiously awaiting the return of his new wife, Adolph finds solace in the words of a stranger. But comfort soon turns to destruction as old wounds are opened, insecurities are laid bare and former debts are settled. Regarded as Strindberg's most mature work, "Creditors" is a darkly comic tale of obsession, honour and revenge. David Greig's version premiered at the Donmar Warehouse, London, in September 2008 and now comes to URY with an incredible student cast directed by Lewis Gray. The production, starring Georgia Bird, Ryan Lane and Dan Wood will be in the third week of the URY Festival of Radio Drama!