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URY Lunch with Daz
Daz finishes off your week with a helping of lunchtime music, sizzling chat and tasty features! Now into its second year, the show retains the award winning 'Name that Tone' and introduces NEW 'DuckTales' as well as more renovated fun! Not really worth missing, but there is always a podcast if you are lazy...
Evil hour

Some jokes, some music, some banter, and a lot of fun! I will be playing some of my favourite songs from all genres and having a few guests on to just have a bit of chit chat for some easy listening :) there is potential for talks about unicorns and the duck life around the campus and would you rather!! 

URY Lunch - Light Refreshment

A mix of music, chat, music, ducks and possibly a little bit more music. Expect rock, indie, folk and maybe even a little jazz every now and then. 

URY SPEECH: Sitting Ducks

A one-off satirical comedy that takes a closer look at a campus of ducks which bears a striking resemblence to the University of York.

A Duck-umentary not to be missed.

No Ducks Given

So named because of our wonderful neighbours on campus, we wouldn't want them gone! Just a bit of chatter and whatever music sounds good that week; rock, pop, or anything in between as long as it catches the ear and gets you moving!

Sitting Ducks: The Flappening

Sequel to award-winning student satire Sitting Ducks!

The S&M Show

Two lads with nothing better to do on a weekend night. Bringing you the illest beats, roid rage rants and the most random random stuff imaginable, see you then. ;)

URY:PM - No Ducks Given

So named because of our wonderful neighbours on campus! Join Luke Guinan and Georgie Norgate every week for chat, tunes and fun features - including some interesting forfeits!

URY Brunch: The Conti2uity Hour

Neave and Will (and Sam(and maybe Steve)) , collegues in Film and Television(or radio)  try to spend the hours talking about anything but the course that they are doing and failing miserably. Tune in for a variety of music and ever-changing topics as they try to be as un-continuituos  as humanly possible. 

URY:PM - The Conti2uity Hour

National Award Winning Will Batchelor along with Neave Spikings & Sam Merryweather bring you TWO WHOLE HOURS of quality enterntainment radio... There will be games, there will be songs and there will most definitley be arguments!

URY Have Gone Quacking Mad

In their desperate bid to maintain the sanctity of the URY Switch-On show, the Computing Team may have gone slightly too far...

A Level Results Day: Electrolash Night Out Warmup

Pretend you have enough friends to be pre-ing for a night out in some damp warehouse near Macclesfield. Turn the volume up high enough and you won't be able to hear the objections from the common sense centres of your brain.