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Brunch: Vanter (Banter from the Van)


Ever wondered what happens when you get 3 professional musicians travelling in a van for long periods of time to a gig with nothing else to do? Well this is a bit of an insight into that… Some of the things we have discussed in the past have included "How many grains of sugar do you get when you ask for "one sugar"?" or "What if you woke up, and you were a duck in a Foie Gras factory?" Or simply "What is reality?". Join us for two hours of deep discussions, or two hours of nonsense. You decide. ***PLEASE NOTE*** Some topics may be slightly contentious or sensitive, the views raised in this show are the views of the individuals, NOT URY, UoY or any other affiliated party. ***


Presented by: Will Pitchfork, Harry Garbutt & Chris Camm



Alice Milburn


Will Pitchfork

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