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URY LIVE AT 5: The Ben and Nick Show
...and then there was radio. The self-appointed saviours of URY return. Coming in your ears this Spring, it's the 'all new' Ben and Nick Show.
Matt Windsor's Almost Definitely Last Ever Show, Probably

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Not that radio shows come in tins.

But this one does, and it's a three decade old salted pork tin full of what will probably be recent London migrant and soon-to-be-former PhD student Matt Windsor's last ever show on URY before he finally stops being a student.  Expect pretty much everything that can be expected from a washed up student radio DJ that was once referred to as URY's answer to Alan Partridge: an hour of awkward gaps between songs, awkward songs between gaps, and attempts to draw a close on 8ish years of somehow repeatedly being scheduled for shows despite having the radio nous of a loofah.  Does anyone still use loofahs?

The Children's Hour
If you don't like this song, wait for the next one. As eclectic as is possible. I'll be playing leftfield hip-hop, electronica, dubstep, acid, ragga, psych rock, genuine indie, lots of music from the currently burgeoning weird-folk scene, reggae, dub, world music and Tom Waits. I will also report back from the many gigs I attend with examples of what was played.
The 6.35mm cable

This was bound to happen.

Matt Windsor's PhD Procrastination

Matt Windsor should really be writing up his thesis.  Instead, he's doing yet another URY radio show, focusing on music older than him sandwiched between awkward observations about life as a washed-up postgraduate.  Oh dear.

Washing machine

We do what we like.

A Good Bit of Kino

Kino, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a gum obtained from certain tropical trees by tapping, used locally as an astringent in medicine and in tanning. And the Urban Dictionary defines it as flirtatious physical contact.

But those definitions are WRONG (if one was to proclaim as such in a group of linguistic experts then one would be most embarrassed and most likely expelled from the premises for causing a ruckus). But the only definition we care about is the following:

The highest form of artistry in the motion picture world.

This is a podcast that celebrates movies, flicks, films, talkies, features and every other corner of the cinematic world. From Lynch to Welles, Mann to Kurosawa and everyone else in between. Join us, your hosts Cavan and James, as we travel through time and across continents to explore the art and wonderment of the motion picture world.

Join us every fortnight as we taste and savor A Good Bit of Kino.

20 in '22

I was born 20 years ago today! so while i spiral with existenital dread why not fill the airwaves with some funky tunes from 2002.

PM: Hometime with Towells

Hi! I'm Towells. I'm currently self-isolating, because I was in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. So, what better to do than to resurrect my old show about being at home? Join me for two hours of trying not to get FOMO too bad.

The TRS Jack

A new show, playing random music, bringing you the best from Matt Strat's head.

It's up to you to decide, is this better than the other shows with names that are a blatent rip-off of this show?

To my employer, don't worry, this show was recorded on the weekend.

Forenoon Fire Up!

Does your morning leave you feeling frazzled? Does it feel more like a Fried-day?

Now back on with the best of my recommendations and the worst of my on-air radio voice (because yes, I'm just as fried as you are).




Cheesed Off

From the makers of Big Cheese on Campus (a show you've probably never heard of but it was fun, honest) comes a spectacle of wit, cheesy pop and general messing around that may change the face of radio as we know it or failing that, give you an hour to kill between work.

Baker Street

Will Jeffery and Harry Redburn help you wind your way down to 'Baker Street' with the University of York's worst and best cooking. The show will feature regular guests who will give an insight into the dark recesses of university kitchens. You used to say it was so easy but the show will show you who's crying now.

URY Music Special: Record Store Day

Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly 1400 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, 2008. Today there are Record Store Day participating stores on every continent except Antarctica.

This is a day for the people who make up the world of the record store to come together and celebrate the unique culture and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities.

Come down in front of Courtyard to see our landmark Technics turntables spinning and take a look at some of URY's extensive record collection, you'll also get a chance to talk to music team members, learn about what we do and who knows? Join us.

A celebration of the 2000s. Ten weeks of term, ten years since 2000. A weekly celebration of the best music, film, news stories of each year in the last decade.
Sitting Around Wasting Time

Earlier I was doing some revision, but then I decided to do a show, because it's more fun and interesting. So that's where we are now.

Now Wash Your Hands
Music to make waking up a tasty pleasure. Mellow and pleasant, invigourating and exciting; a show to fall in love to.
What's Next? The West Wing Chat Show

Everybody know's the greatest political drama/general TV show ever made was The West Wing. From the fantastic walking one shots, to the true amazingness that was Jed Bartlet, what more could one possibly want from a show? Each week we will be discussing a different episode of The West Wing, pulling it apart and talking about our favourite scenes and how much we wish Jed Bartlet was real.

URY-Vision - A Front-ears Eurovision Special 2007
A one-off one-stop non-stop companion to the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki. Join Eddie Ferrero - The Ambassador of International Music, Jess, Moo and a carefully (!) selected panel of judges, previewing the most outrageous waste of E.U. funds on the continental calendar!.
The Procrastination Station

Hi there! I procrastinated organising the 2-hour primetime shows I was going to do for the last few weeks of term once exams were up. Therefore, you get this one-hour show, which is like a warm up for the two hour shows I'm going to do soon. Keep an eye on the schedule next week...

Hi! My name's Alex, and welcome to a show I shouldn't do.

Throwback to the 80s

Reliving the 1980s like they never went away.

The Rewcroft's Round-Up Quiz

Jack decided that he wasn't done with radio for the term so decided to schedule a 'Round-Up without co-host Niamh so tune in to hear what happens when he is left unaccompanied 

Alumni Shows: At Last The 1981 Show

Reaching back in time, the show formerly known as Throwback to the 80s focuses its laser-like gaze on the clusterf**k that was 1981 in British pop.

Alumni Takeover: The Big Sofa

The Big Sofa graced the York Uni airwaves all the way back in 2001, when Rach was a psychology undergrad living in a breezeblock prison called Goodricke C Block.

Since then Rach has graduated (hurray! They said it would never happen!), moved away (now living in Mordor (Morden), London), worked three different jobs (evil corporate advertising; bonkers Virgin Radio; the BBC), birthed three kids (two boys, one girl), become a stand up comedian (three years in, still haven't done Live at the Apollo) and QUIT RADIO (sob.)

This last one makes her incredibly sad.

So Rach is ecstatic to be back behind a microphone. Join her for this one off two hour show and listen to the joy plastered all over her face.

Speech Showcase: Wasteland

Speech Showcase series presents the newest and best fiction material appearing from URY! Tune in for your fix of drama, comedy and something inbetween



The wasteland spans the country that used to be Britain. The people within are no longer British. Rather they are Galli, slavers, traders, NEM and rebels. War rages, touching every part of the wastelander’s lives. But will they be able to make something of this forlorn world, or will the wasteland swallow them whole?
This show is written and directed by Hannah Fitzgerald, produced by Connie Blach and Hannah Fitzgerald.
Starring Thomas Cornell as Watcher (ROB), Jessica Bellamy as Brenna, Sam Pittman as Frank, Abel Kent as Hal and Jessica Schofield as Click. Also featuring Geo Craig as Greg, Filippo Del Bo as Fosforillion and Al Dixon, Zoe Pavey and Adam Forsythe as background.