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Seasons: 2
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The Age of Rock and Roll


 an exploration of the wonderful music of the classic age of rock and roll, the 50's,60's,70's and 80's. Going through each decade year by year, show one looks at music from 1950,60,70 and 80, discovering information about the tracks and artists and including an 'on this day' segment as to what was occuring in the world on each day of broadcast in the year the tracks were created. From Jerry Lee Lewis to the late, great David Bowie," The Age of Rock and Roll" is perfect to get you up and dancing to the iconic sounds of the era of Rock and Roll.



Harriet Peck

URY On Tap

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SeasonID Season First Episode Episodes
21834 1. Feb 2016 4
21862 2. Apr 2016 9

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