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A Dash Through The Musicals With James Long
James Long plays some of the best songs from the musicals, but be ready with your requests and messages too!
Afternoon Delight
Just what you need after a long day at the office. Or a short day at uni...
A Night At The Musicals With James Long
James Long takes you through some of the best music in modern musical theatre in this one hour special.
Awkward Laughter
The same show you know and love. Jamie and Oli talk over everything from the topical to the absurd with quizzes and great music
Awkward Laughter With Jamie Long and Oliver Howlet
Two musicians on the same wavelength.
Have fun with the comedy of Jamie and Oli. 2 hours packed with observations, jokes, anecdotes, music & quizzes.
Awkward Laughter with Jamie Long and Oliver Howlett
Have fun with the comedy of Jamie and Oli. An hour packed with observations, jokes, anecdotes, music & quizzes.
Dash Through Disney
James Long takes you through some of the best Disney songs ever
Early Early Breakfast
To keep the insane among you entertained before the long day ahead!
Feel Good with JJ
Lunchtime never felt so good until Jonny came along!.
Free Culture Radio
A weekly one hour show highlighting and discussing issues relevant to the Free Culture movement. Along side nice rock music.
Front-ears goes Fourth – Cote Anglais
((URY))'s long-established and notorious International Music Show «Front-ears» ventures into the Fourth Dimension. Eddie Ferrero - The Ambassador of International Music, manages once again to bring you his quality selection of tasty tracks from all corners of the globe in the first hour. Then back to surreality at Club Rocher for a recharged and royally restless sixty minutes of electronica and dance music spanning all auto-gyratable genres. Joined by reputable presenters Janós Bene – The Midnight Messiah and Spunky Teen – Ollie Harvey, expect exclusive everything on all corners of the show.
Get Wise, Get Folked
Get the latest from the Folk world by two of the most coutrified members of the URY music team, Emily and Andy. From Johnny Flynn to Martin Simpson, these jolly fellows, along with a cup of tea and a shortbread biscuit, will set you on the right track in the most over-looked and excting genres out there.
Gramaphone Revue
If you've got ears, you gotta listen. In recent weeks we've played j-pop, stoner rock, desert blues, ambient throbbing, steamboat jazz, wintery northern electronica and The Magnetic Fields, worth a listen no? Aided and abetted by Longhurst, Tiis, Cotteril, Siamantas, Bromwich and Pablo.
Grant Bradley's Long Lunch
Music, Chat, and unscripted FUN! Suprise guests, unsigned bands and the most popular music of the 80's, 90's and now. Grab a Ginsters Pasty and settle back for the ride.
Have We Got News For Thee
A topical, satirical, weekly news quiz on ((URY)). Host Sean McKenna welcomes a variety of guest panellists in to chew over the week that was. Expect strange, bewildering and occasionaly informative stories, along with witty, offbeat analysis to gift you with 60 minutes of great entertainment. One not to miss.
Hearing Aid 2008
The biggest collaborative event in the history of UK student radio, Hearing aid is a national week long charity event orchestrated by the SRA. We'll bring you the highlights from events held around the country.
Its pronounced glass.
A nice hour divided between that music you forgot about and an insight into Taly and David's bubble along with a hilarious clash of accents.
Jamie and Oli on ((URY))
Well, well, well. It's Jamie and Oli on ((URY)). Bringing you all the best tunes and features you didn't know you wanted to hear.
Josh and Russell: 'Commemorating Gordon Brown?'
URY's award winning, record breaking, Hilary Benn bothering radio review brings you the best of politics, current affairs and culture. Join in our weekly topical debate, enjoy the pre-recorded political review, shout at interviews, explore world music with our weekly 'muso', sing along to live music, pray away with our exploration of campus religions and, of course, weep at the Russell Truran Telly Blog.
Lets Make A Racquet
Music and chat show, filled with good quality indie and alternative music alongside good natured banter.
Lunar Transducers
Future music- Psychedelic electron audio exploring new boundaries and tickling your calendula oblongata. IDM, Glitch-Hip-Hop, Whomp, Downtempo, psy-dub-fusion-step; inspiring fresh thought and bridging space & time with the here & now.
Matt's Thursday Sound
Spend your Thursday summer afternoon listening to your favourite tunes. Hear the best new songs first, along with nostalgic classics, broken up by chat, games, competitions and guest interviews. Send in requests, solve the brainteaser and win CDs! Enjoy the summer term with Matt's Friday Sound. Don't come here for RnB though!.
North Vs. South
North or South? Show your allegiance to your side of the country. Listen to the only music show that sees the country divided in a banter-lead battle of the best of the British music scene, past and present. Hannah (of the North) and Charlie (of the South) attempt to argue their way to an unresolved conclusion every week as they fight to prove that their respective ends of the country shaped the face of British music. Alternate tracks help to make their points along with special guests and North/South divide based facts and news.
Overnight Owen
URY all night long
Radio Ga Ga: All Night Long
Banter and chat 'til we don't make sense any more. Masses of classic features, plus everything you've ever loved, from the Foundations to the Fratellis. Are you on our wavelength?.