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The ComedySoc Hour
Sketches, games, improv, music.
The New & Improved JJ Show
Is it new, or is it improved? Tune in for Questions for Prizes, Alternative News, and the Power Hour (Length of which is To Be Determined!), alongside a variety of music, along with your requests.
The New and Improved Phil Show
This one goes out to the one i love - join Amer and John for an earful of sound candy, with special guests, special banter and special music. If you're special, then tune in!.
URY Speech - The Sunday Roast
A variety of original student written and created content from comedy shows, to dramas and documentaries. Head to the Speech page to find out whats on
Lewis and Ed Are Dead

Ed and Lewis struggle through another week of improv radio comedy, sketches, characters, features and the sort of music you won't hear anywhere else on URY - possibly not for the right reasons. 

Tales from the Phantasmagoria

Welcome to the Phantasmagoria, a world of terrifying, funny and fantastical tales for your delight. Each week the Vault Keeper and his Special Guests will improvise three fantastical tales all from the listeners suggestions. Message in if you dare!

Misinfo Wars with The Lemon Press

Oh no. Someone let The Lemon Press into URY.

 Misinfo Wars is a satirical news show that combined live improv with pre-recorded skits in order to create an informative (not guaranteed) and amusing (definitely not guaranteed) experience. Our team of professional presenters will be covering campus and national news in a way that manages to avoid all truth and proper analysis. We will also bring you investigative reports from our team of dedicated journalists. 

Join The Lemon Press on URY for an experience you won't forget! That may be a bad thing. 

PRODUCER'S NOTE [Edited 29/11/2017]: yes it is


(( urDice ))

Join Bernie as Pelenos the Teifling Sorcerer, Marco as Valux the Half-Dragon Paladin, Richard as Castiel the High-Elf Rogue, Thomas Burroughs as Loughn the Goliath Monk and Thomas Hodkinson as the Dungeon Master in an epic, Dungeons and Dragons fantasy adventure, where no-one can truly know how the story will reveal itself.  

May contain descripitions of graphic violence. 

Roll With It

Join Hesandi and Q for an impulse-based storytelling adventure based on luck, chance and hopefully basic literacy! 

The Content Factory

Alex Towells gives two guests the daunting task of coming up with a radio segment, with the only prompt being a random word genrateed at the start of the show.  Sometimes, it will go well, other times this will be an absolute car crash of a radio show. It's student radio, it'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiine...

Under Ronstruction

Join Ron as he attempts to build a competent hour of radio, live on air, in time for the end of the year, all with only a vague idea of what he's doing and where he wants to take things. Surely nothing can or will go wrong... right?