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Misinfo Wars with The Lemon Press


Oh no. Someone let The Lemon Press into URY.

 Misinfo Wars is a satirical news show that combined live improv with pre-recorded skits in order to create an informative (not guaranteed) and amusing (definitely not guaranteed) experience. Our team of professional presenters will be covering campus and national news in a way that manages to avoid all truth and proper analysis. We will also bring you investigative reports from our team of dedicated journalists. 

Join The Lemon Press on URY for an experience you won't forget! That may be a bad thing. 

PRODUCER'S NOTE [Edited 29/11/2017]: yes it is




Harry Clay


Marvin Drury

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SeasonID Season First Episode Episodes
22313 1. Apr 2017 8
22461 2. Oct 2017 8
22617 3. Jan 2018 7

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