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After Anarchy
After Anarchy is a Post Punk music show. Playing all the music from an almost forgotten era of music between 1978 and 1984. With types of music
such as Ska Revival, Electronic, Gothic, Pop, Indie, Punk and Post Punk. And featuring
bands such as Public Image Ltd, Joy Division, Talking Heads, Scritti
Politti, Devo, The Fall, The Slits, The Human League, Gary Numan, Echo and
the Bunnnymen, Lydia Lunch, Pere Ubu, The specials, Cabaret Voltaire, and
many more. Aswell as discussion about the music, their influences, affect on culture and their effect on todays music.
All New Front-ears
Two presenters. Two stations. One unforgettable show. Four years in the making, the Front-ears formula is perfected to take you on a eclectic journey through World Music. Now also available on Fréquence Mistral. Leave your passport on your desk, we cut out the hassle of customs to bring you the freshest International Beats. Then we drag you back to the Embassy for a debauched disco of dirty melodies, exploring Electronica in all its most exotic forms. All New Front-ears: Travelling never sounded so sweet!.
Beat Generation
An hour of chat and beats with something extra thrown in now and then.
Playing a variety of bass based tunes from drum and bass to post-dubstep. Listen in for classic tracks as well as new releases.
Beats and bobs
The best in new electronic, hip-hop, soul and everything in between.
Beats and Bobs
An eclectic mix of Hip-hop, RnB, Jazz and Electronic music to guide you through to tomorrow.
Show-casing the very best big beat music, ranging from drum n bass, electro, house, techno and much more!
Before You Leave
If your weekend is the tennis serve, Before You Leave is the effortless throw of the ball into the air. Via the medium of electronica, dance and easy listening music. No, we're not sure either.
Burn The Jukebox
insurgent musicalia. a personable, pleasant bunch of tunes from beyond, expect non-mainstream indie, folk, grime, electronica, doom, dubstep, dancehall, free jazz and Elvis Costello.
Casting the Net
An exploration of the vast ocean of sound that exists to be freely and legally downloadable on the World Wide Web.
Coco Electro
Beats, bass and badass chat. Tune in for an hour of fine electronic dance music, fresh with exclusive tracks, mixes and slices of Coco musings.
Get your Radio out! Preferably at 9 O'Clock on Monday night to get your filthy, juicy, dirty dose of electro slash the occasional bit of dub to sate your unsavoury musical urges.

~Coco..Electro 'The not-so-quiet night in'~
New Music. The latest music from URY's music team.
Front-ears goes Fourth – Cote Anglais
((URY))'s long-established and notorious International Music Show «Front-ears» ventures into the Fourth Dimension. Eddie Ferrero - The Ambassador of International Music, manages once again to bring you his quality selection of tasty tracks from all corners of the globe in the first hour. Then back to surreality at Club Rocher for a recharged and royally restless sixty minutes of electronica and dance music spanning all auto-gyratable genres. Joined by reputable presenters Janós Bene – The Midnight Messiah and Spunky Teen – Ollie Harvey, expect exclusive everything on all corners of the show.
Gramaphone Revue
If you've got ears, you gotta listen. In recent weeks we've played j-pop, stoner rock, desert blues, ambient throbbing, steamboat jazz, wintery northern electronica and The Magnetic Fields, worth a listen no? Aided and abetted by Longhurst, Tiis, Cotteril, Siamantas, Bromwich and Pablo.
Transport your mind in not just 4/4 time. If you need a fix with electronics in aural form, our show has just the medicine. Sampling the rich and diverse landscape of the electronica scene and its sub-genres, we'll ease you in with some of the most hypnotic chilled-out beats and through out the hour step up the pace, leading up to the crescendo of Moo's Mix that will get you in the mood to paint Jorvik röt. If you want the best Muzik? - Then Hedfontik!.
Infantile Disorder
Beyond help. Underground, non-commerical music and non-music from around the world, behind closed doors and under the stairs. Hiphop, Grime, Dubstep, Punk, Post-Rock Ragga, Electronica, Beats and Breaks, Raggae, Dub, Freefolk, antifolk, spoken word, Grindcore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Klezmer and more. Guests and interlopers. Technical ineptitude. Death to Topshop indie! Feed the hipsters to the lions!.
Lady and the Tramp
(Charmingly) rambly and rough around the edges with features and top tunes makes us akin to BBC 6Music with gossip and a healthy dose of funnies.
Lee's Kick Back
Just what you want to hear in the mornings. A cool selection of downtempo, dub, dubstep, trip hop and laid back electronica - Upbeat and dark in equal measure. Interspered with handy life and music info and the wise musings of a third year Uni veteran.
Let's Get Liminal

An hour of minimal techno complemented by radiophonic music, sound experimentation and obscure sixties soundtracks.

LIVE Electrancity with Oli Howlett
My weekly live DJ set of the very best progressive, melodic and uplifting trance.
Michael Thackray
The specialist music show for the brave and the bold. Over the next two weeks Michael Thackray will be finding out what more about the murkey depths Techno and Electronica, and then taking a look at the farther reaches of Americana and Folk music. A good set of headphones are recommended.
Playing music we kinda like, old and new, trying to capture the mood of the day.
Moon Units
Music of the Future for the Future. Acid jazz, psychedelic electronic, intelligent dance music, modern classical, acoustic abstractions, ambient journeys... psychedelic dub... Advanced sound design and compositions from many genres.
Once More with Feeling, with Jai Jethwa
Join Jai Jethwa on his debut radio show in search of the greatest music of all genres, old and new. From Kraftwerk to Kanye, it's all here!