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What Matters, with Clark Brydon

Today's world is so dense, ever-changing, and fast: the amount of notifications we get to our phones every day is overwhelming, but what really matters? Tune in for current affairs chat, space for reflection on the salient news, and some music to break up the mundanity of it all! 

URY PM: Campus Drivetime
The show dedicated to getting you across campus safely. Jamie and Rich unveil the most fashionable tracks, hottest gossip and updates across campus.
URY Evening Selection:There's Something About Nana
Special guests, lots of requests and friendly chat, with an occasional current affairs twist.
Things Can Only Get Better

Plenty of music and chat to help get you through the day!

URY Does The US Election

Join URY for all the highs and lows, cutting edge analysis, and bland impartiality as we discover who is the new leader of the free world.

((URY)) Breakfast with Dave Williams: Series VI
Dave returns with URY's answer to caffeine. Refreshing features, current affairs (serious...or not)and eclectic music that you can have your say in!
Cez Radar
Current affairs catch ups, What's on and
Arts and music reviews!


PolChat is a unique show where we invite guests to discuss current affairs and contemporary issues. We aim to provide you with impartial and informative debate, so that you can be convinced by what is discussed. 

The Wrong Stuff

Welcome to the Current Affairs show for those who don't care about Current Affairs. With one ordinary man on a street, a semi-knowledgable co-presenter, and a sarcastic sidekick, The Wrong Stuff team will take you through the major events of the week in a lighthearted way that will show that they sort of know what they're talking about...I think. 

Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them

General chit chat on the latest news, current affairs and gossip. Informal show with lots of good music!


Name of the show courtesy of Mr Will Batchelor 

Chat Politics

Chat Politics is a unique show where we invite guests to discuss current affairs and contemporary issues. We aim to provide you with impartial and informative debate, so that you can be convinced by what is discussed. 

Moving On with Will and Oliver

Chat. Music. Current Affairs.

The new man's Friday evening drivetime radio, join Will and Oliver as they banter, bust out new music and classic tunes, and take a not-too-serious look at the week's events. If it gets too boring, be sure to message in and we'll be moving on. (Get it?)

New guests, new songs and new news; every week.

The Terry Gautreau Show
We are Waiting.... The Retreat's number 1 dance and current affairs exclusive show telling it how it is. Big up to my peeps there one love from Terry and Gautreau P and F.

Spiritual successor to the York Politics Digest, but in podcast form! This is a podcast from the York Politics Society. Hear a roundup of current affairs, discussion of major political events/ideas, and exclusive interviews. Hosted by Charlie Buckley and Adam Boulton Rawlinson.

((ury)) Breakfast with Dave Williams
A freshly-ground, aromatic blend of current affairs and the music YOU want, sprinkled with "intriguing" trivia. A full-bodied start to your morning!
The York Politics Digest

York Politics Society's official radio show, covering all things political. Each week Adam and Charlie will present you with a lighthearted look at what's going on in the world of current affairs.

Brunch: Chitter Chatter with People who Matter

Charlie and Hugh chat about the things that (don't) matter with a variety of guests. Covering weekly news, new music and silly chit chat - tune in!

University Radio Talk

Join the URY News team as each week we host a half hour debate on a big issue that's got people talking on campus. 

URY N&S: Fake News

Join us every Friday at 2pm for our 6th Season of Fake News - a topical commentary on politics and current affairs. We'll play a mixture of relevant songs and music we've been listening to, whilst doing our best to remain within neutrality guidelines. 

The Special K Show
The show with good tunes and off the wall banter! Top songs with a twist toward Summer, coupled with funny banter taking in Current Affairs, University life and personal tales are the order of the day.
A radio show for York's Amnesty International group, promoting causes and actions the society is focusing on as well as promoting good music.
General Election Megashow: The Fallout

Keep up to date with all of the fallout from the General Election 2017 including Theresa May's speech.

The Ross & Gabby Show

The Ross & Gabby Show was a weekly one hour radio show, that originally aired on URY, over two seasons, from November 2019 to March 2020. 

Join Ross and Gabby for their relaxed, friendly chat show, with a focus on current affairs, UK news and International Relations.

Music is played throughout the show, in between a range of engaging segments.

Josh and Russell: 'Commemorating Gordon Brown?'
URY's award winning, record breaking, Hilary Benn bothering radio review brings you the best of politics, current affairs and culture. Join in our weekly topical debate, enjoy the pre-recorded political review, shout at interviews, explore world music with our weekly 'muso', sing along to live music, pray away with our exploration of campus religions and, of course, weep at the Russell Truran Telly Blog.
Bill and Ollipop
Current affairs and music, zingy-fresh and mad-talks. Hear our take on the news, our best (and earnest) attempts at balanced debate, the latest film reviews and edgy interviews with the people who MATTER. All to the most inappropriate background music we can get our hands on.