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Stevo tries not to break URY.

After over a year off the airwaves, Stephen Stevo Clarke is returning for an hour, where he'll do his best not to break everything and take the station of air! There'll be some other people there too probably. 

Music: An Audible Experience

Playing music, for you ears!

Rob and Steve
Rob and Steve do entertainment all over you. They won this award, right, which means that they are definitely the third most entertaining student radio show in mainland UK, according to some people who ought to know. Sceptical? Give us a try.
URY Presents: Chaplaincy Carol Service

Live from the University of York chaplaincy carol service at St Lawrence Church

Rob Stonehouse
Late night music and features. Who needs sleep?
Speech Showcase: Red on Yellow

A Sci-Fi murder mystery podcast set in a dystopian city where a lone robot seeks to solve a 100-year old cold case created by a thrid year University of York Theatre student Reginn Kolbeinsson


Listen in for the first 6 episodes over the next three weeks or listen to it now on Spotify or on the Red and Yellow podcast website: https://reginnk.wixsite.com/redonyellowpodcast

Fishtail: tales of sounds and words

A series of four specials exploring the relationship between sounds and words and other forms of art. Each week, we will be discussing the connections between different pieces of work with a series of special guests. We'll be featuring great and innovative music, writing and art written by our favourite established artists and york students.

The idea of fishtail comes from Ouroboros, which is the image of a fish or reptile biting its own tail. It signifies something that is constantly recreating itself, something that pre-existed and is so powerful that it must continue. Of course, it also comes from the notion of a fisherman's tale. In our programme, we're going to be 'biting our tales' and circulating from one art form to the next.

Matt Windsor's Almost Definitely Last Ever Show, Probably

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Not that radio shows come in tins.

But this one does, and it's a three decade old salted pork tin full of what will probably be recent London migrant and soon-to-be-former PhD student Matt Windsor's last ever show on URY before he finally stops being a student.  Expect pretty much everything that can be expected from a washed up student radio DJ that was once referred to as URY's answer to Alan Partridge: an hour of awkward gaps between songs, awkward songs between gaps, and attempts to draw a close on 8ish years of somehow repeatedly being scheduled for shows despite having the radio nous of a loofah.  Does anyone still use loofahs?

'Creditors' by August Strindberg
The last production of the URY Festival of Drama from the national award winning drama team at University Radio York. Anxiously awaiting the return of his new wife, Adolph finds solace in the words of a stranger. But comfort soon turns to destruction as old wounds are opened, insecurities are laid bare and former debts are settled. Regarded as Strindberg's most mature work, "Creditors" is a darkly comic tale of obsession, honour and revenge. David Greig's version premiered at the Donmar Warehouse, London, in September 2008 and now comes to URY with an incredible student cast directed by Lewis Gray. The production, starring Georgia Bird, Ryan Lane and Dan Wood will be in the third week of the URY Festival of Radio Drama!
Every Friday, the probably award winning AM in the PM, world exclsuively on URY.
URY Freshers 2018

Once again URY is across campus for all of freshers week, giving anyone new to York a HUGE WELCOME. There will be games, the latest and greatest tunes, competitions and of course PRIZES! But don't just listen On Air, Online or On Tap... Head over to each of our daily broadcasts to get involved in the full 4D experience

Things Can Only Get Bitter

A look back at the week's events, both local and global with esteemed guests that were definitely not picked at random off the streets.

Summer of Love live from The Courtyard

Roses are red violets are blue University Radio York has got a plate of loving just for you! 

Join ((URY)) outside The Courtyard, as we present Summer of Love 2013. With live acoustic sets, hopefully some sun, and plenty of Pimms, we're going to get all loved up. We'll be talking about everything from mind, body, and spirit, to STIs, and what you can do if you're worried about anything of that nature. Our live coverage starts at Midday, at ury.org.uk

Featuring sets from Alice O,  Zac Pajak and chessey chalk on demand. Guests including head of welfare Bob Hughes!

A View From Nicholas Street
A weekly letter, collecting topical observations and anecdotes.
URY Presents: Carols at the Minster

Brunch: The Charly and Alex Show

Join Alex and Charly on URY as they bring you 2 hours of long awkward silences, music you probably won't enjoy and prepare to be, like our families, extremely disappointed. Sorry in advance.

URY:PM - The "What is the character limit for these show names anyhow? Is there one? Perhaps there should be one? I mean, this one is really stretching out the schedule table. And still it continues. Surely nobody will ever need a show name to be this long?" Show, the Absolute Last No-More-After-This Complete and Utter Final Show of All Time (Perhaps?!?!) of Eiron Page (with Naomi Gildert, Who - We Hope - Has Many More Shows to Come)

We break the schedule layout to bring you one last show from former programme controller Eiron Page, and pass the baton by way of radio to the new programme controller - Naomi - and also play some music, ostensibly chosen by you. The PM show Eiron always meant to do, but never did; because leaving things to the last minute is how he do.

*** The only show on URY to double as a bug report!™

URY Presents: Carols at the Minster 2021

Carols at the Minster live from York Minster.

Alumni Shows: Anything but the 80s

 Alumni Shows: Anything but the 80s. As a change from his regular Sunday evening 80s shows, David Hemingway explores music from other decades. most of which has probably never been played on URY before. The first hour is an eclectic mix of weird, sometimes baffling, but always engaging music; in the second hour, we settle down a specially curated late-night mix of laid-back sounds.

Dougsoc Presents: 42

Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, lies a small, unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-million miles is an utterly insignificant blue-green planet whose inhabitants include a student radio station, and a Douglas Adams Society in the same place.

On the 42nd anniversary of the orginal broadcast of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dougsoc and URY collide in an infinitely improbable fusion of geekery and humour.

Just Gassing

Electronic oriented music celebrating the past, present and future of Disco, House, and whatever Nic has found this week. Interrupted by occasional gassing. You know like intermittent gas leaks, but fun.

A Nervous Breakdown

Loud, fast, brutal music from some of the best punk, rock, alternative and Hip-hop bands around the globe.
Turn it up to 11 and hopefully everyone else can enjoy the show, from 3 blocks away.

Chat and Such: Back in action

Jordan and Tom and Jordan are alive and kicking in their second year! With the looming Spectre of work placements, will the guys take this uni thing a bit more seriously?



Probably not

Ellie Wright's World Music

Bringing you rhythms from all around the world down the the Radio Waves Tuesday 10-11pm on ((URY)) Pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes!

From New Orleans funk & soul to Nairobi drumming feat. London DJ duo and Perry scratching it up with The Orb, pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes and you'll be skanking, salsa-ing and jiggling your body into the night with the smoothest worlds rhythms in town. Growing from a collection of new and old, local and global this one hour treat is a bowl full of loving for all you world music lovers, a medicine to get those smiles as big as bananas before you fall into a happy and peaceful sleep.

Bedroom Punk
The latest pick of bedroom pop and punk with some music related chat from Rob and Hana