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Audio Attack!
Lots of different genres of music will be played including 'metal' and 'nice stuff' (that's a genre now I think). Chatting too. Fun, yeah? Yeah.
Breaking the Mould - Summer review
A nearly comprehensive review of all the great new music you shouldn't, but still may have, missed out on over the past few months
Charlie Says...
What kind of music do you like? I'm not sure actually... Playing anything and everything, and eventually hoping to find out exactly what her music type is, Charlie Elliott blasts your ears with metal but quickly cools them down with some soul. Or anything else she can find.
Chris's Metal Madness
Bailrigg's Chris does the best of metal.
Demolition Radio
The new face of metal and hard rock has arrived! Off The Cuff's sister show provides any avid alternative music lover with the best masterpieces this genre has to offer, whilst still keeping the senseless banter you've come to expect from OTC alive and well.
FFT Radio
Jake and Ed play an eclectic mix of music that you either may not of heard or really should be listening too. From metal to motown, from hip hop to indie and anything else we wish we had been cool enough to write you are guaranteed to hear something that you'll love.
Come Home to an Hour of Metal Extravagance.
Live At The Witch Trials
Host Tom 'The Bomb' Killingbeck and some very 'special' guests take you on a magic carpet ride into the darkest depths of underground music. With topical comedy, sexual tension, heated musical debate and far-out features, there's something for everyone. From psychedelia to hip-hop, doom metal to girl group pop, and post-punk to jazz, we'll be playing you the past, present and future of all the music your mother warned you about, right on past witching hour...
Mandatory Listening
An extremely tight mixture of indie, pop, metal, dance, reggae, jazz, punk and Ultravox glued together by your hosts' boundless enthusiasm and driving professionalism.
Metal Asylum

URY's Music Team debate a wide range of musical issues as well as running down this week's Recommended Listening.
Contemporary and past rock and metal music, exploring the most creative and exciting bands
Rockin' With Robyn

A mix of great music, from different genres, spanning from the 30s to now

Rock Metal

Salad Days
Formerly the Hardcore show, now playing a wider range of punk, hardcore, metal and ska
We are the Fringe Alternative Societys official radio show! We cater to a huge range of music tastes from death metal through industrial to pop punk.
The Daddsy Show!
A mixture of wierd and wonderful songs, and then the not so weird (but equally wonderful) ones. Playing old and new music that just doesn't get played on the major radio stations. Covering most genres from Post-Rock to Hip-Hop, and Electronica to Metal. Also Indie and selective pop.
The Fix Is In
An alternative show playing indie, rock, punk, ska and metal.
The Gothic Gateway
Covering all aspects of the darker side of music. From symphonic goth through to headbanging power metal, from German industrial to Finnish Folk,allow me to introduce you to the bands that will change the way you think about music. Take a trip through The Gothic Gateway.
The Hardcore Show
A selection of hardcore, punk and metal
The Hardcore Show wtih Ben and Rob
Music show playing and talking about hardcore, metal and punk
The Passion
Everyone has something that they're passionate about, what's your guilty pleasure? It's not necessarily alternative music, it just probably wasn't on Radio 1's top ten last week. Be it Goth, heavy metal, ska, punk, movie soundtracks, something classical or perhaps even more diverse, (something really bizarre like… mainstream indie?); I intend to wipe the dust of some real gems that the uninformed may have missed. And remind them of the obvious ones they may have forgotten.
The Rock Show
Rock through the ages. An A-Z of the best Rock, Punk, Metal & Indie of the past 50 years.
The STD of Rock
"The STD(Sean & Tim Digest) of Rock" will infect your wireless for 60 minutes of top notch rock music, once a week every week. Ranging from Manson to Metallica, Slayer to Springsteen and Hammerfall to Hendrix, "The STD of Rock" is the place for your weekly fix of top rock anthems. Get your night going with The STD of Rock. Warning- May cause a rash/excessive headbanging/air guitar syndrome. Consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.
The Velvet Undergrads
Late night weirdness for all fearless freaks. Dive headfirst into our interstellar abyss of sounds. Join DJs Skeletor, Leisure, Maximum Synergy, SwordfishTomJones, Boring and Danger Pussy as we spin the freshest, creamiest, most br00tal cuts from the darkest corners of the known musical galaxy. Features include the ever-popular Desert Island Fists, gnarled riffs from the Metal Hospital and expert feline fashion direction. Stay safe.