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Side B

A show with an aim, to play all the best songs that weren't top billing, that were hidden on the other side of the vinyl, on track 2 of the CD and tucked away in the depths of iTunes in a digital age. Come forth and find the best songs you never knew existed, B sides are where artists make their real music, now it's time for you to hear it. 

Ell's CD Soundsystem

The man who brought you Midweek Marauders, and half the men who brought you Plastic People, Elliott Ball has finally hit the digital age. No more vinyl*: Tune in weekly to a wide mix of music new and old; and an ever-changing array of features. Including "genre spotlights", discussion of music culture and guests: That's how it starts.

*Maybe the odd vinyl.

The New 'New Music Show!'

Featuring our top ten new tracks of the week compiled by our new digital librarian team, the album of the week and the music news summary for the week, heavily featuring the SRA's Hot New Tracks Playlist

URY Music: The New Music Show

URY's Music Team bring you their Top Ten New Tracks of the Week! Spanning every genre, with cutting edge discussion and feedback.

Listen On Headphones

James, Jon, & Zoë power up to transmit your fix of electronic sounds. James' pure analogue circuitry resonates with rich waveforms and Zoë's  emotionally resonant noise spectra, while Jon's digital CPU calculates precise signal processing chaos. Together they will supercede humanity, assume total control, and ban Oasis covers. 

Listen on headphones or high quality speakers to get the best experience.