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Radio Ramblings
Discussions, reviews and lighthearted banter revolving around the world of film, TV, music and probably video games. Interspersed with eclectic music.
Revenge of the Killer Soundtracks
The masters of all things soundtrack related, David and Matt, bring you the very best of music from Film, Musicals, TV & Video Games, playing everything from Tchaikovsky to the Teletubbies. We also purvey the finest film news that can be plundered from the interweb, and fill in the gaps with our unique brand of humour and chat. If you miss this show, THE SOUNDTRACKS WILL HAVE THEIR REVENGE!.
Revenge Of The Killer Soundtracks
From Tchaikovsky to the Teletubbies, we'll play practically anything from Film, TV, Theatre, Video games, and anything else that has a soundtrack. We also have the finest film news that can be found anywhere, so come join us for a weekly soundtrack spectacular!.
Saturday Night Fever
Susie and Ashling present URY's answer to rubbish TV!
Soundtrack Sensations
Filling your head with soundtrack music from film, TV and musicals. The show offers a variety of genre with special themed shows such as "Movie Madness", "Total Television" and "Sci Fi Invasion". The show also includes a run down of the latest blockbusters in the charts and reviews of films old and new with some movie gossip and fun film facts. So sit back and grab the pop-corn, you will be entertained.
The Silver Screen
Liam and Jack provide their unique take on the week in entertainment. - Tune in for all the latest news & reviews from the world of film & Television!
The Soundtrack Show
A cultural odyssey around the world of film with weekly film reviews and favourite numbers from TV and musicals. Featuring Movie News, Name That Film Quiz, special guests and much more. All this with your soundtrack expert Jess Shepherd.
A special three hour show with all the main presenters from URY, celebrating the up-and-coming TV and food holiday.
URY Soundtracks
The best selection of music from theatre and film to TV and computer games.
Van Eck Phreaking
Includes: Noisy feminist discourse smashing the patriarchy, discussion about kid's TV, obnoxious electronic music, Afroman album tracks. Do listen.
URY:PM - The Harry Whittaker Show

Squint your ears and check in with Harry for LOLs a-plenty. (Probably). He has amusing chat and good pop music to fuel your procrastination. Make sure you look out for 'Funny Stuff From the TV', 'Lyrical Shmyrical', 'Poke fun at the period between Monday and Sunday' and 'Band Name Generator'. He's very excited.

Culture Club with Shannon and Davies

From the minds that brought you such York Vision collaborative articles as "Possible College Ten Names" and "The Most Annoying People in your Lectures", something vaguely resembling The South Bank Show, only with thankfully less Melvyn Bragg, and more jokes, and we don't really know what we're talking about.

Going in Dry

Talk-show focusing on Video games, TV and Film.

Hosted by Billy and Nick.

The QuineHouse

So you like Music? You like Film? AND you like TV? Well you've come to the right place- recently deposed presenters Luke Quine and Fenella Woodhouse bring you their brand of entertainment... what could possibly go wrong? 

From Golden classics to the most recent music releases- The QuineHouse will be playing ALL of your requests, in the amongst discussions of the world of fllm and TV, as well as games and competitions. We are just like your average movie review show- but less organized and WAY more fun. 

Your Opinion is Wrong

Jack and Callum square off every week and push their friendship to the limits with challenges and insults galore. Guests are invited on to join in the madness on Your Opinion is Wrong, featuring disagreements aplenty. 

Top TV Themes

Fortnightly show focusing on the best of TV theme songs from TV addict Jack Rewcroft. Each show will be focusing on a different genre of television and compile the best songs from each one. The show will mainly focus on British TV with some special shows featuring songs from around the globe. 

URY Brunch: The Culture Show

A magazine show in whic we take a closer look at the world of popular culture and the arts. Each week we will take a look at the latest from the world of music, film, television, gaming and the wider arts - as well as playing a wide range of music, old and new.

8-Bit and Beyond

The hosts of 'Building Bridges the Road to Rock and Roll' and 'The Nightcall' come together to play you the very best music the video game world has to offer; with plenty of additional room for discussion, TV and Anime soundtracks, memes and more.

URY Brunch: No DLC Required

 Join the regular No DLC team as we discuss and disect the week in video games, film and tv!! We'll also be seeing what happens when four people with rather different music tastes compete over whose songs to play through the only way that doesn't involve an ambulance: game shows!! We're bringing back the (soon to be) legendary "Stealthy Godzilla", introducing the shiny new "Broodier than Batman?" and much more!!!

Let's Talk Telly

I'm a huge fan of all telly, but I am a conoisseur of reality television - X Factor, I'm a Celeb, the Apprentice; I love it all! From Honey G to that guy who called himself a shark on The Apprentice, reality telly is a key part of pop culture in 2017. So like it or not, I thought I'd devote an hour to chatting the best telly of the week with special guests, and of course playing all the best pop music of the moment!


If you enjoy tv, be it online or on the actual television then go no further, this is the show for you. Join Josh as he reviews and discusses all sorts of programs as well as a big series every week with music and challenges themed around them. Who knows, if you like a specific show you may be able to become a URWatcher and come on the show yourself!

The Great North Run

On the morning of The Great North Run, a family eagerly try and watch the race on TV, in the hope of seeing Daniel, the youngest member of the family.  Unfortunately they keep getting distracted.  Whether its arguing over jobs, or working through deeper issues the family has, you will become engrossed in the day to day lives of the household.  With a huge cast and a good mix of humour and drama, this is definitely a story to tune in to.  

Written by Joe Dolan and Directing and Sound Engineering by Beth Wiffen. 

Cast include Sienna Lucrezia as Mum, Beth Prior as Carol, Leo Clasen as Mike, Matthew Chesters as Dad, Dominic Gould as Daniel, Marco Ross as the Announcer and Weatherman, Claire Geller as the Reporter, Kieran Cockburn as the Historian, Euan Brook as the Interviewer, Isaac Saward as the Interviewee and Ella Rainbird-Earley as the Girlfriend.

YUSU Elections 2018: Election Results Night

URY and YSTV bring you all of the thrills and spills of YUSU's Election Results Night 2018 as it happens.

What's Next? The West Wing Chat Show

Everybody know's the greatest political drama/general TV show ever made was The West Wing. From the fantastic walking one shots, to the true amazingness that was Jed Bartlet, what more could one possibly want from a show? Each week we will be discussing a different episode of The West Wing, pulling it apart and talking about our favourite scenes and how much we wish Jed Bartlet was real.

URY:PM - Jed's Dead, Baby, Jed's Dead

Whose TV show is this?

It's a radio, baby.

Whose radio is this?


Who's Jed?

Jeds dead baby, Jeds dead.

*Radio show revs and pulls away*