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Beast For Thee
The best in the underbelly of music scenes from around the world. Look out for interviews and sessions from the amazing amount of lesser-known talent coming to the UK this Spring, all exclusive to this show. Regular gig-listings from the best venues in "The North", a focus on a particular area of music for each show and just good stuff to mooch around your kitchen to.
FocusMusic: Spotlight

New music. Local and campus artists live from the studio every week. Your guide to York's music scene.

Really Awesomely Rare Entertainment. Indie isn’t that indie anymore. Everyone loves Kings Of Leon, Killers and Bloc Party, and these bands get a lot of plays on URY and even on stations like Radio 1. RARE plays quality indie and rock from bands you haven’t necessarily heard of yet, but really should love.Including interviews with bands and singer songwriters, special acoustic studio sessions, and the wise words of the presenters, whose hilarious ramblings veer from irreverent banter to heavy-handed satire, with just the right amount of sexual tension.
The URY Session Show
The URY Music team presents weekly sessions, sometimes live, sometimes pre-recorded with a mixture of music and interview with the artist.
The Warmup to Woodstock
Tom and Toast's 24 Hour Takeover: Live sessions from artists who'll feature in Woodstock, games, competitions and appearances throughout the day from anyone who's anyone on campus.
Up and Coming
Tom presents an hours debut show looking at local up and coming bands, live acoustic sessions and interviews.
Up and Coming
Tom presents an hour's show reviewing local up and coming bands, with live acoustic sessions and interviews.
URY Sessions Show Spectacular
A very special edition of the Sessions Show. Instead of inviting a band or solo artist on the show, presenters from URY will each play a LIVE song!
Woodstock 2011 Interviews and Sessions
The URY Music Team present some of the bands you can hear this Woodstock 2011 weekend.
Celebrity interviews, local theatre reviews, live sessions and more everyweek in URY's magazine show!
Celebrity interviews, local theatre and gallery reviews and previews, live sessions and more everyweek in URY's magazine show!

The very best alternative music, unplugged and raw. Love acoustic music? This is the show of you. Nothing but the best alternative bands stripped back. Requests will always be welcome - send me a message via the website or tweet at me @CallMeLuke94.


Acoustics is back! 

A comedic (hopefully) and disastrous (definitely) student radio show, created in the midst of exam season to let out some steam with live acoustic sessions from upcoming artists and curious questions leading to impossible debates.

AJ Sessions

AJ Sessions is all about exposing music and people. It's jam-packed with new and exciting material as well surprising you with some live artists for hot interviews and unique performances. So tune in, it's time! Get ready to be blown away...

URY:PM: The SRA Selector with Alex Light
Brand new to URY is the SRA version of the British Council and Folded Wing production, The Selector; focusing on bringing the best new british music to the airwaves every week. Join Alex Light as he guides you through the best from around the UK but also what's hot in York, featuring live sessions with up and coming artists, interviews and maybe even a few prize giveaways make it your essential weekend treat!
This radio show is an SRA-affiliated version of The Selector and NOT the official Selector for The British Council show. 
To listen to The Selector for The British Council, presented by Goldierocks, please go to http://selector-radio.com

Castle Sessions

A music show of everything underground. Like the show Gully Riddems, but with better tunes and djs who actually know what they're doing.

This week in music

Describe the weeks events using song title and lyrics

URY:PM - (( URY Music ))

The official (( URY Music )) show! Tune in for our weekly roundup of the best unreleased tunes out there, thanks to our contacts in the promotion business.

The Heads of Music bring you the future of music in the UK and the best acts out there with our weekly Sessions in Studio 2.

Coming all the show are also the journalists from Circulation Magazine bringing you the latest news of the local and surrounding music seen.

Midnight Metal

From brand new metal tracks to old classics, anything goes in this weekly celebration of metal here on URY! Requests of any sub-genre are encouraged and we'll play as many as you can. As long as it's loud, we'll play it to liven up those quiet late-night study sessions.

#URYonTOUR: Freshers' 2016

Join us as we tour the university for URY's biggest Freshers' week: 8 Days, 7 locations, 3 live music sessions and a chance to win some great prizes!

Kaja does training sessions


URY Music: The Primetime Show

The Music Team's main show, featuring URY's Album of the Week, the latest news in the world of music, and today's hottest tracks!

URY Sessions - Live from the Lounge

URY Sessions goes live with 3 great acts!

Join us for the jazzy maestros BrassaNova,

an intimate solo set from BBC Introducing's Berkshire's Ray Wills

and headliners Follow the Giant, an indie rock band based in York.


URY Music: Coffee House Sessions

The Music Team go live from The Courtyard with live music from some great up and coming talent!

Late Night Castle Sessions

Like Castle Sessions but late at night