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Bengee: Funk and Soul
An hour of non-stop funk and soul classics, spliced with some latin and african flavours.
Bengee Jumping
Bengee presents a show filled with good music to make you dance, laugh, smile and cry... but only with laughter. Also including chat which will hopefully be found interesting. Music-based show specialising in soul, jazz, funk, reggae, afrobeat, Latin, ska, world music. Featuring several regular feaures.
Bos Tones

The home of Reggae on ((URY)). 

Drowning In Punk
Specialist Punk, Hardcore, Oi, Ska and Reggae show looking at new minor label artists as well as some bigger bands and older classics
Ellie's Bazaar
Music from Gypsy, Jazzy Trance, World, Reggae, Ska, Folk, Soft Dub to Happy Folk
Mandatory Listening
An extremely tight mixture of indie, pop, metal, dance, reggae, jazz, punk and Ultravox glued together by your hosts' boundless enthusiasm and driving professionalism.
The Children's Hour
If you don't like this song, wait for the next one. As eclectic as is possible. I'll be playing leftfield hip-hop, electronica, dubstep, acid, ragga, psych rock, genuine indie, lots of music from the currently burgeoning weird-folk scene, reggae, dub, world music and Tom Waits. I will also report back from the many gigs I attend with examples of what was played.
The One Hour Ben Howe-er
Colossal entertainment from a guru of interesting and culturally significant music
Webbo's Reggae Hour
An elective mix of melody and vibes from da Ragga-Kingdom. Includes genres such as Dub, Dubstep, Ska, World and many more! Also tune in for the weekly sketch show 'DeMancho' where you will discover the wierd and wonderful adventures of Banshee Bob and the gang.
Ellie Wright's World Music

Bringing you rhythms from all around the world down the the Radio Waves Tuesday 10-11pm on ((URY)) Pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes!

From New Orleans funk & soul to Nairobi drumming feat. London DJ duo and Perry scratching it up with The Orb, pop on your party pants and slip on those dancing shoes and you'll be skanking, salsa-ing and jiggling your body into the night with the smoothest worlds rhythms in town. Growing from a collection of new and old, local and global this one hour treat is a bowl full of loving for all you world music lovers, a medicine to get those smiles as big as bananas before you fall into a happy and peaceful sleep.


Pumping out the freshest ska, ska-punk, reggae and rocksteady tunes to uplift and entertain all within earshot.

Arts Hour

Interviews of public and performers, news, live events, reviews, performative arts, spicy-recipes and musical magic.

Summer of Love live from The Courtyard

Roses are red violets are blue University Radio York has got a plate of loving just for you! 

Join ((URY)) outside The Courtyard, as we present Summer of Love 2013. With live acoustic sets, hopefully some sun, and plenty of Pimms, we're going to get all loved up. We'll be talking about everything from mind, body, and spirit, to STIs, and what you can do if you're worried about anything of that nature. Our live coverage starts at Midday, at ury.org.uk

Featuring sets from Alice O,  Zac Pajak and chessey chalk on demand. Guests including head of welfare Bob Hughes!

Focus Music: Around the World

A collective of music specialists trace and discuss political, rhythmical and cultural patterns in a journey around the globe through music which normally remains underneath the radioplay radar. World music, reggae, jazz, blues, anything new, alternative and exciting. 

FocusMusic: The Panel

A selection of URY's most discerning specialist music presenters gather to discuss the freshest and most interesting tracks of the week - with reviews, interviews and news from the local scene.

URY presents Battle of the Bands

The baddest bands on campus engage in a musical battle. Live coverage of sets plus exclusive interviews with the acts.

Line up of finalists from this weeks heats: 

Jelly Roll Jive

The Gilchrists

Ready Able

Juvenile Summer

Featuring guest appearance from last years winners Dandy and DeLions

FocusMusic: YO1 Special

A look ahead to this year's YO1 festival covering the major stages, headliners and acts to look out for, plus a chance to win two free tickets!

Midnight Music Hour

A music show with a variety of songs you may or may not have heard, chosen by me and any requests prior to broadcast.

Alumni Takeover: Karl Bos

Former Head of Music (2014 vintage) Karl Bos returns with a set of fresh cuts and seasoned selections. Reggae, Jazz, Electronic and more - harking back to 'classic' URY shows Bos Tones and FocusMusic whilst pushing things forward.

Chill the funk out

Two guys chatting about the finer things in life. Where everything makes sense


A show of varying music from rock to reggae

Judge Roughneck and Toots' Living Sound Bounce! - The Show

A menagerie of sound celebrating the energy and charm of genre-spanning music from a wide and wonderful selection of times, places and people.

Interior Collapse Cycle

A guide through music for looking inwards on yourself. Close your eyes and join me for an hour. I'll say some words, I'll play some sounds or songs, and we'll hopefully all feel a little better at the end of it <3

What's For Tea?

The chaotic, yet whimsical duo Yakov and Joe find themselves back on the airwaves, having not been cancelled by Ofcom (yet). Cultivated with the upmost care, the tunes will funk the funk out of you, and the chat is deplorable, yet delightful. Guests, games and glorious little natters will ensue. We are still hopelessly, desperately curious about your eating habits. follow the insta too, for more curious content. @whatsforteaury

Lucy's Lore

An ode to low dopamine and slow living, to being warm, to being kind to yourself during exam season and getting enough sleep. 

I love love love Dean Blunt. I would like to play Dean Blunt songs all hour if I could. Expect also soul, folk, reggae, and Lana del Rey.