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Chicken soup for the soul!
A delectable and delicious blend of dance chillout. mixed with amazing acoustic tracks from both well known and underappreciated artists! Perfect for a lazy day or as a hangover cure!.
Elliott and Timmy's Thursday Therapy
Join Elliott and Timmy on a tour of their warped minds. Enjoy some classic tunes as they tackle the smaller weekly issues in their own special way.
HERO PARTY: Live From Wentworth
DJ Dylan Jones hits some big tunes tonight for this one of special - expect cheese, chart, rap & hip-hop and a little bit of indie.
Joss and Jen at 4PM
Joss and Jennie's feature-packed afternoon, providing the mildly sarcastic commentary to all your favourite tunes.
Musical Allsorts with James Masters
Delve into a tasty packet of eclectic tunes with James Masters. Fresh new music, blues, rock, funk, jazz - who knows what we'll unwrap.
Once More with Feeling, with Jai Jethwa
Join Jai Jethwa on his debut radio show in search of the greatest music of all genres, old and new. From Kraftwerk to Kanye, it's all here!
Idioteque's SimonSays and Jack Luckett take pipedownson.com off your computer screen and into your radio.Expect Garage, UKFunky, Indie, House, Dubstep, Ambience, Grime, Hip Hop and more.
Strap in. Oli, Steve and the Project team entertain your ears.
Stevie and Steve-O
Pop, Rock, Funk, Acoustic, Jazz, Rap, Punk, Orchestral, etc. Whatever’s good, we’ll play.
The Beatz Show
Listen in and relax for an hour to hear some of the best songs from UK and US artists in the Urban music scene.
The Chalk and Charles Show
Light-hearted weekly entertainment show bringing you sweet tunes,sour grapes and bitter presenters.
The Evening's Call
This show is one for the evening. Oh yes, it is a strange cross of eclectic moods of past terms, a breed of cat, and an old duvet. All this brought to life in a simple, easily listened to format, featuring all the best in music wot isn't rap or otherwise rubbish. The presenter also talks a bit too.
The MOBO Show
The best urban sounds around. Bringing together the best in classic and contemporary hip-hop, rap, grime and everything else in between, The MOBO show is.
The Passion Valentine Special
Valentines Day is not about cards, roses, presents or even any of that commercial claptrap, it’s about love and that has no better medium than music. The Passion returns for a special valentines special, please write in and dedicate any song to anyone anywhere. An hour long succession of the best music in the world, cos isn’t this what music is all about?.
The URY Project
Strap in. Oli, Steve and the Project team entertain your ears.
Tim's Trad. Jazz
A gentle afternoon stroll through this underappreciated genre.
URY Breakfast - The Duvet Lifters
This is the show to get you out from under that duvet. Packed with the finest blend of rare and not-so-rare music beans. Years of meticulous development have resulted in a show with the sole aim of easing human life back to the vertical. With his encyclopedic knowledge of swathes of artists, and his penchant for all things Bushy, Hugh provides the main musical drive. His quirky tracks, mixed in with more conventional fayre, are bound to excite the ears. James will make sure Morrissey and Goldfrapp get their airtime. With its easy going chatter and continual references to mugs of coffee, listeners will be reaching for the kettle before they know it.
URY PM: Campus Drivetime
The show dedicated to getting you across campus safely. Jamie and Rich unveil the most fashionable tracks, hottest gossip and updates across campus.
Rap, hip hop, grime, r'n'b, soul and more: URY: URBAN brings you news, views and the hottest new and old tracks.
New Morning

Tom Morello once said that ‘every successful, progressive, radical or revolutionary movement that has ever been seen has had a great soundtrack’. We bring you these soundtracks. Each week we have a different theme and movement, playing the songs that have provided impetus for change and given people a voice. 

Straight From The Fridge with Hazel and Megan
Two rock 'n' rolling gals, your new best pals, bringing the good days back, track by track! So if you want to move your feet tune into our beats, for the all-new, drape-shape, hep-hopped-up and swinging like a gate rock 'n' roll radio show on your very own URY! Plant ya now, dig ya later...
T Time
Underground UK Bass Music show, focussing on music in the 130 bpm funky house region. Also includes a wide variety of genres ranging from Disco to Garage. Guest mixes from local talent and relatively prominent DJ's with residencies at nights in Manchester and Leeds.
Map to the Boom Bap
Hip-hop constructed with care, unlike the synth-based nonsense you hear nowadays. Head-nodding beats, eyebrow-raising melodies and mind-tickling lyrics are guaranteed.
FocusMusic: The Vinyl Show
The music team rummage through the URY record vault in search of hidden gems from the last 45 years.
Late Registration

Start your weekend with an evening of all things hip-hop. From the classics that defined the genre decades ago to singles that have come out in the past week, nothing is off limits, nothing is too mainstream or too obscure. And, as always, requests are more than welcome.