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Freshers' 40
The top 40 songs from the last 40 years as voted for by you! We count down to your number 1 favourite song. A great night of the fantastic music that YOU want to hear.
Number Ones at One
Katie Sherry plays you the tracks that got to number 1 in the UK singles track. Fancy a song? Give Katie a call and she'll play it... provided it's a number one of course!.
PRIMETIME: The Chart Show
The all-new Chart Show including the URY Top Ten, a look at the album chart, Number Ones from around the world, the Retro Chart and the best new music (as recommended by the URY Music Team).
Screen Dreams
A fast and furious exploration of the world of film. Blockbusters, cult classics and arty numbers will all be given the screen dream treatment.
Spike Island
Laid-back acoustic with some dance-like-a-moron tunes you might not have heard. Presented by Mike: York's number one scruffy nerd.
The Soundtrack Show
A cultural odyssey around the world of film with weekly film reviews and favourite numbers from TV and musicals. Featuring Movie News, Name That Film Quiz, special guests and much more. All this with your soundtrack expert Jess Shepherd.
The Terry Gautreau Show
We are Waiting.... The Retreat's number 1 dance and current affairs exclusive show telling it how it is. Big up to my peeps there one love from Terry and Gautreau P and F.
URY:PM - URY Chart Show

James counts down the biggest 20 songs on campus compiled from airplay and your requests.  He also takes a look at the UK album chart and turns back the clock with some retro No1s.

URY Gold Special: Christmas No. 1s
40 Years of Christmas Number Ones!
URY Chart Show
James Brookes counts down the 20 biggest songs on campus, compiled from airplay and your requests. Also, a weekly look at the album chart and some retro No1s.
Wallis and GromHIT!

Our jukebox brings you every number one hit since the start of October.  Tune in to thsoundtrack of the academic year.

Wall Of Sound

Join Adam Bowers and Hollie Parker for Wall Of Sound, a show featuring a good number of different genres including folk, jazz, house, blues, alt rock, electro-swing, and metal. A bit of talking too.


A specialist music show where two topics are discussed and debated, going through a number of rounds and playing selected tracs to find out which is better.

Saturated Facts

Join Sacha and Lewis for a jaunt through the dusty pages of a rather hefty encyclopedia.  Tune in to recieve the guideline fact amounts, with a healthy dollop of silliness to help wash down all that daunting knowledge.  Side effects may include actually learning the odd thing.  Each week the presenters will select a number of entries from the encyclopedia, and discuss them in a light-hearted way in the hope of making the information palatable.

Simply Rev with York Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir

Join the friendliest choir on campus for a joyful celebration of gospel music and fun. With hits from Sister Act and The Lion King alongside Rev favourites such as Amazing Grace and Total Praise, we’ll put a Spring in your step as you head for the holidays. From great group numbers to individual solos, we’ll be showcasing all that we love about the choir where everyone is welcome. 

URY Headspace

The team discusses the issues facing the students at the University of York. They also offer a friendly forum for students. Kirsty Taylor reports and interviews.

URY:PM - URY Chart Show

Compiled from airplay and your requests, James Brookes counts down the 20 biggest songs on campus each week.  James also takes a weekly look at the UK album chart and turns back the clock in preparation for URY's 50th birthday celebrations.

There's Nothing Like a Showtune!

West End, Broadway and Hollywood. One thing they’ve all got in common is the marvellous creations that are showtunes. Be it a tear-jerking ballad or an all-singing, all-dancing number that gets everyone up off their feet, there’s nothing like a showtune!

One, The Loneliest Number: A look into the Billboard Top Tracks

This is a show where we look into the top charts of every month and every year. Every week is a different year of a different decade. Join us and learn about the old, new, borrowed and blue music.

URY Chart Show

James counts down the biggest 20 songs on campus compiled from airplay and your requests.  He also takes a look at the UK album chart and turns back the clock with some retro No1s.


A friendly talk show about basically whatever is on my mind. Will feature a rotating cast of guest presenters and one-off interviewees from the world of "student politics". Likely topics are;

I'm not entirely sure as to what it would be fully, but I will plan every episode extensively. I wouldn't want it to be anymore than an hour. It migth be crap, but I would quite like to try something new. Possible music genres include;

Whatever takes the fancy really. I know this is a really wooly pitch, but would just like an outlet to explore a 

I'm also really unsure on the title, so any suggestion would be welcome.

Sam and Keoni do a show about numbers

Sam and Keoni have found out they enjoy each other's company. So, they're gonna do another in-studio show again.

Step into Christmas

Join Harvey for a very URY Christmas extravaganza, with hit after hit filling the airwaves for hours!  Brace yourself for merryment and a deep-dive into the culture of Christmas number ones, maybe, no promises. One thing is certain, there will be an Elvis Presely song! So tune in for all of the best christmas songs from everyone's favourite century (the 20th, obviously). What more could you want?