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URY LIVE AT 5: The World According to Big Ben
Music from all over; weekly topic specials; live guests and music; sorting out the issues while we still know it all. You can expect pretty much everything on this show; tastes in tracks from indie to electro, alternative to pop classics. Special guests on our hot topics join Ben and the crew for live debates, live music and interviews, competitions and features such as the ever popular 'Random Track', 'Stupid American News', weekly appeals, and the legendary 'Fresher Divert'...
The Sauce
No news, all music.
Alumni Shows: The Magical Mystery Music Machine

At the start of each show, my hastily-written computer code picks a random date from the 60s, 70s or 80, and I have to fill 58 minutes with music and news from that date. The URY record library gets a bit patchy if we go back to the 60s, so wish me luck!

YUSU Elections 2020: Election Results Night

We are live, bringing you all of thrills and spills of YUSU's Election Results Night 2020 as it happens!

The College Sport Report

URY's weekly show dedicated to all things about college sports

That May Have Been the News
All the news that didn't quite make the headlines over the Christmas holidays with a great mix of music and chat. Regular features include - 'The missing link' & the 'Acoustic session'.
Arctic News

Q: Where can you find an ocean without any water?
A: On a map! 

I solemnly swear it won't be as stupid as this joke. 

The Vice Chancellor on URY

With a term 1 unlike any other almost over, join URY News as they speak to both the Vice Chancellor and some representatives from student media about all that has occured and what the year ahead may look like.

R&B Weekly

Your weekly fix of old and new R&B alongside short discussions on R&B related news. 

The (Bi)Weekly Muddle

It's Gina and Jamie. It's third year. We're still on the radio. We're still funny. Tune in. 

The Scott Show Select-Show
The weekday afternoon edition of the Sunday morning show. This is the only where we open our music archives in 'Chain Connection', where we analyse the news stories of the day, conduct live recipes you can do at home and cover the all so important 'Campus News' of the day. This and new artists, momentus covers and warm-up-to-the-weekend request fest.
URY LUNCH with Harriet Jennings
Harriet Jennings and guests bring you tunes, views and news from across campus and the wider world. Listen whilst eating a cheese savoury.
URY Breakfast: Midweek Sparrow-Fart

Sparrow-Fart: "Very early in the morning!" Join Jay and Steve every week as they get up at sparrowfart purely for your entertainment. With a look at the mornings papers, some form of music and invariably some form of conversation, it's everything you would expect from a breakfast programme and more (or less).

What Matters, with Clark Brydon

Today's world is so dense, ever-changing, and fast: the amount of notifications we get to our phones every day is overwhelming, but what really matters? Tune in for current affairs chat, space for reflection on the salient news, and some music to break up the mundanity of it all! 

The Silver Screen
Liam and Jack provide their unique take on the week in entertainment. - Tune in for all the latest news & reviews from the world of film & Television!
URY Brunch: Star-Struck Jack and the Mystery Cat

An anarchic voyage through the mysterious ramblings of Star-Struck Jack and the Mystery Cat.

Including a selection of fantastically originally games such as Try to Accurately Ascertain the Piece of Music Being Simulated with Dissonant Noises by a Human Being, Impartially In the News, and the G-Spot.

FocusMusic: The Panel

A selection of URY's most discerning specialist music presenters gather to discuss the freshest and most interesting tracks of the week - with reviews, interviews and news from the local scene.

URY PM: Campus Drivetime
The show dedicated to getting you across campus safely. Jamie and Rich unveil the most fashionable tracks, hottest gossip and updates across campus.
YUSU Awards 2020: The Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards present an opportunity for students to celebrate the work of staff across the University of York who have a positive impact on their academic experience. Entirely student led, the Awards recognise the teachers and staff that are making an outstanding contribution to students’ lives. 

Join us live as we celebrate their incredible work, and meet some special guests!

Wondering Minds

All the biggest and weirdest news stories of the past week discussed in a somewhat philosophical manner. Brought to you by Benjie and Alex

URY Newshour

 The stories making campus headlines. Plus reaction and analysis from the national award-winning URY News team

Anything But The Pilot

Kathy Morrall and URY present Anything But The News tonight on URY. Tune in for a weekly round up of satire, comedic takes on the week's events and competitions between our panel!

For one night only...
Join Zeenat Rahim, Henry Searle and Dave Tracz for 2 hours of top quality entertainment. The latest Roses news plus a bit more besides. Games shows, top tunes and top presenters! Join us from 4.
URY:PM - (( URY Music ))

The official (( URY Music )) show! Tune in for our weekly roundup of the best unreleased tunes out there, thanks to our contacts in the promotion business.

The Heads of Music bring you the future of music in the UK and the best acts out there with our weekly Sessions in Studio 2.

Coming all the show are also the journalists from Circulation Magazine bringing you the latest news of the local and surrounding music seen.

Not the Jeremy Vine Show with The Lemon Press

The Lemon Press takes you through all the news we can make up