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Music Team Presents: Radiohead Special
Steve Gardner documents the rise and rise of Radiohead, exploring their history and impact upon the music industry. He'll also take a look at other highlights of Oxford's music scene, including Youthmovies and Foals.
Soundtrack Sensations
Filling your head with soundtrack music from film, TV and musicals. The show offers a variety of genre with special themed shows such as "Movie Madness", "Total Television" and "Sci Fi Invasion". The show also includes a run down of the latest blockbusters in the charts and reviews of films old and new with some movie gossip and fun film facts. So sit back and grab the pop-corn, you will be entertained.
The Passion
Everyone has something that they're passionate about, what's your guilty pleasure? It's not necessarily alternative music, it just probably wasn't on Radio 1's top ten last week. Be it Goth, heavy metal, ska, punk, movie soundtracks, something classical or perhaps even more diverse, (something really bizarre like… mainstream indie?); I intend to wipe the dust of some real gems that the uninformed may have missed. And remind them of the obvious ones they may have forgotten.
The Soundtrack Show
A cultural odyssey around the world of film with weekly film reviews and favourite numbers from TV and musicals. Featuring Movie News, Name That Film Quiz, special guests and much more. All this with your soundtrack expert Jess Shepherd.
URY Breakfast with Nick and Alan
Wake up to the new campus week with Nick and Alan.
Where the Wild Radios Grow
Get ready for funny songs, word-less songs, foreign songs, rude songs, songs about goats, tomatoes or egg-meat. We will explore the outermost echelons of musical hysteria and bring you the choice samples. Movie soundtracks, harmonic hoovers, zero-hit wonders and guilty pleasures will abound, all suitably enhanced by random chatter. From Tom Waits to Prokofiev. Be there or be elsewhere!.

Capturing the eclectic nature of pretentious tomfoolery and japes from Daisy Hale and Bryony Cleary. With a current buzzword every week, we talk (more often fight) about music, movies and the current fragility of our ecosystem in the face of growing climate change. 

URY:PM - Roku Radio
Tune in to Roku Radio, the home of bad links, dubious song choices and an award winning jingle! (Not that we're milking that) Self proclaimed as "perfectly adequate" and "definitely not the worst radio in existence" strap yourself in for two hours of mixed genre music, interesting guests, fun features and a lot of laughs. Join Naomi, Kat and Will Batch for another season filled with all the usual madness, and hopefully fewer radio disasters.

The QuineHouse

So you like Music? You like Film? AND you like TV? Well you've come to the right place- recently deposed presenters Luke Quine and Fenella Woodhouse bring you their brand of entertainment... what could possibly go wrong? 

From Golden classics to the most recent music releases- The QuineHouse will be playing ALL of your requests, in the amongst discussions of the world of fllm and TV, as well as games and competitions. We are just like your average movie review show- but less organized and WAY more fun. 

The Film Show

Weekly show in which we dissect and discuss the very best cinema and a smattering of recent releases. With regular features on the history of cinema, special guests and a good selection of the very best film music.

East Meets West

Desi beats has all of your desi music on one show. No preference of songs. As long as it's good music, it gets played. So for anytime you're feeling a little homesick, or if you just want to listen to some good old Indian songs, tune in to URY for the show for your weekly dose of Desi Beats.

The Night Call

A show dedicated to all things synthwave, the breakout electronic genre featuring old-school synths inspired by the pop hits and movie soundtracks of the 1980's. James and Bernie will drive you through the night across the genre's expansive indie scene, with the occasional genuine retro hit for good measure. If you're a fan of contemporary styles and still wish we used cassettes, then this is the show for you!

An Inceptional morning

 Expect: Norwegian banters, funny conspiracies, chit chat about life, Dictator fun facts, and last but not least: Epic movie music, and movie talks

May my voice be with you!

URY Brunch: No DLC Required

 Join the regular No DLC team as we discuss and disect the week in video games, film and tv!! We'll also be seeing what happens when four people with rather different music tastes compete over whose songs to play through the only way that doesn't involve an ambulance: game shows!! We're bringing back the (soon to be) legendary "Stealthy Godzilla", introducing the shiny new "Broodier than Batman?" and much more!!!

Manic Monday

Join stressed third years Jack and Victoria (and George) for their chat, gossip, and inevitable arguing in the new show on the block 'Manic Monday'.

Movie Talk

Radio Show for University of York Movie Society. We review recent releases, discuss various other films, play songs from films.

URY News: There's No Business Like Show Business

Carrie and Kirsty bring the latest news in all things film, television, and theatre.


A friendly talk show about basically whatever is on my mind. Will feature a rotating cast of guest presenters and one-off interviewees from the world of "student politics". Likely topics are;

I'm not entirely sure as to what it would be fully, but I will plan every episode extensively. I wouldn't want it to be anymore than an hour. It migth be crap, but I would quite like to try something new. Possible music genres include;

Whatever takes the fancy really. I know this is a really wooly pitch, but would just like an outlet to explore a 

I'm also really unsure on the title, so any suggestion would be welcome.

The Film Score

Each week, I dive into the soundtracks of some of the most well known movies, from love themes to action scenes, and talk about how they shaped that movie through the power of music.

U-Turn of the Century

U-Turn of the Century is a show all about celebrating the music and pop-culture of those times before the milenium. with a timescale of January 1st 1960 to December 31st 1999.

Each episode explores a decade with a selection of songs from a selected musical genre, movie recomendation, album highlight and an amusing news story