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BBC 6 - Shaun Keaveny Breakfast
Join BBC 6 Music's Shaun Keaveny live all morning from Vanbrugh JCR!.
braCY fast
Have breakfast with CY! GOOD MORNING!
Drifting on the supertanker of life
the mid-morning trawl through our eccentric music collections.
Full schedule begins Monday
Tune in from the morning of Monday 18th October to hear URY in full swing...for now, here's our jukebox.
Lee's Kick Back
Just what you want to hear in the mornings. A cool selection of downtempo, dub, dubstep, trip hop and laid back electronica - Upbeat and dark in equal measure. Interspered with handy life and music info and the wise musings of a third year Uni veteran.
Ready for the weekend
The countdown to the weekend! A feel good show with a great ending, i.e Saturday morning!.
Saturday Morning Cocoa Puffs
The latest in Hip Hop and Indie is what's on the menu, for anyone who likes their cereal extra early
Sunday Brunch
Join Paul and Ollie for a brunch of hip-hop, electro, rock and anything else that takes our fancy every Sunday morning.
That's Entertainment!
The best way to spend your Saturday continues with Grace and Steph, bringing you classic tunes and deep, meaningful discussions (obvs).
The Dylan Jones Show: Monday Morning Madness
What, The Dylan Jones Show, on a Monday morning - this early!!? Oh Well, let's have a laugh this very early morning!.
The Scott Show
The Hangover Pill - Music, tea, newspapers and chat to keep you informed and help you on your way. The morning show will contain the main music releases and some unsung and modern classics, as well 15-to-1 where all the music within a certain amount of time follows a current theme. There's a news review of the papers, interviews with those connected to the University issues that matter and regular link-ups with Bailrigg (Lancaster) ahead of the Roses competition.
The Scott Show Select-Show
The weekday afternoon edition of the Sunday morning show. This is the only where we open our music archives in 'Chain Connection', where we analyse the news stories of the day, conduct live recipes you can do at home and cover the all so important 'Campus News' of the day. This and new artists, momentus covers and warm-up-to-the-weekend request fest.
The Sunday Morning Show
Great music, chat, interactive games and all round fun.
The Sunday Morning Show
Tuesday Morning With Adam
Music and that from an absolute prat. Off-beat chat, competitions, and a wider selection of music than a kleptomaniac in Zavvi.
Tuesday Morning With Adam and Becca
Music and that from an absolute prat. Off-beat chat, competitions, and a wider selection of music than a kleptomaniac in Zavvi.
URY Breakfast: Martyn Williams
He's the Martyn spelt with a 'y'. Yes the other Martyn Williams at URY brings you great music, lifestyle chat, entertainment news, fun and games to put a smile on your face.
URY Breakfast Presents: Roses Warm Up Morning
Wake up to the DAndy Lie-In and get excited about Roses!.
URY Breakfast presents - The Claire and Will Show
The best wake-up call on campus. We plan to provide perfect morning entertainment with a mixture of chart music and old favourites. Our competitions ('get in the horn'/'open the door millie') give all listeners a chance to win big prizes.
URY Breakfast: Rob & Steve
We're the sauce on your early morning sausage.
URY Breakfast - The Heidi & Jo Show
URY's very own loose women waking you up in the morning.
URY BREAKFAST: The Morning After
Its the late late breakfast show, where we look back at all of the stuff we have regretted this week. Including the morning after song, the swingometer, campus news and Chain Reaction.
URY Breakfast with Alan Roper
Wake up and feel good about yourself with jokes and music to lift your spirits in the morning, or just feel glad you've got the time off to be listening to this classic radio...
URY Breakfast With Alan Roper
Bringing you a collection of songs from around the globe and across genre divides that will refresh you for the day ahead
((ury)) Breakfast with Dave Williams
A freshly-ground, aromatic blend of current affairs and the music YOU want, sprinkled with "intriguing" trivia. A full-bodied start to your morning!