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The wheel of forTUNE

Join Jessica Measey and Katie Preston each week as they spin a wheel to choose the following weeks theme.

Almost prime time with Matt and Joe

Join Matt Bramall alongside Joe McKeough for an hour of fun and folk, which isnt quite prime time

URY SPORT: Grandstand

Join the URY Sport team live every Wednesday afternoon and follow the action across campus as it happens.

Just Turn It Off Already! Spring 2021

Its the end of term, so come along and enjoy while The Man (read as 'Ofcom') tries to (read as 'tells us to') shut us down (read as 'not broadcast outside our allowed period')!


R&B Weekly

Your weekly fix of old and new R&B alongside short discussions on R&B related news. 

Speech Showcase: Red on Yellow

A Sci-Fi murder mystery podcast set in a dystopian city where a lone robot seeks to solve a 100-year old cold case created by a thrid year University of York Theatre student Reginn Kolbeinsson


Listen in for the first 6 episodes over the next three weeks or listen to it now on Spotify or on the Red and Yellow podcast website: https://reginnk.wixsite.com/redonyellowpodcast

Carrie Attempts ASMR

The title says it all! Fellow ASMR fan, Carrie Morrison, attempts an hour special of trying various ASMR techniques to relax the fellow listeners!

Half Asleep

An hour of music where we try to remain conscious and escape a feeling of absolute boredom, held together simply by the suggestion of thematic consistency. Volume ranges from questionably high to regulation low and somehow sustains this throughout the hour.

ClownTown with Mario & Pran
A selection of modern and classic tracks. mixed up with random banter from the Wear and Tear of Student Life...
Behind The Tunes

Join Josie and Charlotte for a weekly show that delves into the world of music. Exploring the stories behind the tunes! 

Each week will be a different genre, theme or decade allowing us to explore the world of music in depth and discover new truths!

Night Time Tales for Your Halloween Trails

Yet again, the spooky, kooky, Suzuki (no endorsement) night of Hallo'weenie is apon us.


The URY Speech Team is going to narrate your night of trick'n'treating with many haunting stories.


If you have a heart attack due to any story due to this show we are not liable, but also want to hear about it, cus damn son...

Mid-afternoon with Matt

Chilled music to destress after a tough day of procrastinating....I mean work

In The Room with Joni Roome

The best in new music, old tunes you've mentally blocked out and wrestling theme tunes.

Joined as ever by Sir Tim Westwood and a questionable soundboard.

Always big.


Jon blows the dust off of his old hard drives to uncover his collection of antique Christian Contemporary Music. Questions of faith aside, were the bands he listened to growing up actually any good? Secular music critics James and Ron join the show to help Jon decide.

Dougsoc Presents: 42

Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, lies a small, unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-million miles is an utterly insignificant blue-green planet whose inhabitants include a student radio station, and a Douglas Adams Society in the same place.

On the 42nd anniversary of the orginal broadcast of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dougsoc and URY collide in an infinitely improbable fusion of geekery and humour.


Keeping you informed on the latest business and financial events with some deep electronic beats, throughout the stock market highs and lows    

Kiltie Pleasures with Jonny

A chat show playing songs from across the border with some fun games alongside it. Playing songs with a Celtic hint from Calvin Harris to the Bay City Rollers. Making sure that you'll jig to these Kiltie Pleasures on URY! 

A Good Bit of Kino

Kino, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a gum obtained from certain tropical trees by tapping, used locally as an astringent in medicine and in tanning. And the Urban Dictionary defines it as flirtatious physical contact.

But those definitions are WRONG (if one was to proclaim as such in a group of linguistic experts then one would be most embarrassed and most likely expelled from the premises for causing a ruckus). But the only definition we care about is the following:

The highest form of artistry in the motion picture world.

This is a podcast that celebrates movies, flicks, films, talkies, features and every other corner of the cinematic world. From Lynch to Welles, Mann to Kurosawa and everyone else in between. Join us, your hosts Cavan and James, as we travel through time and across continents to explore the art and wonderment of the motion picture world.

Join us every fortnight as we taste and savor A Good Bit of Kino.

Stuck in the Middle
Alex and Bethany are now SECOND YEARS! Tune in to follow us through our year :) Takes requests (as long as Alex approves)
Morning Glory

Yes, we're back!

Broadcasting straight from URY's bantennae comes an award winning, action packed, thrilling box office smash hit sensation - guaranteed to blow your socks off!*
Featuring only the best* presenters URY has to offer (or at least in the top 100) and the best* morning music playlists around to get you dancing under the covers! Join us every Wednesday morning for excellent games and music to get your day under way!

*Terms and conditions apply.

The Sunday Shrekfast Show

Join Neave,  Steve,  Will & Kaja for possibly the best show on radio,  bless your ears with the beautiful noises of the Shrek soundtrack and allow us to wake you up on what would otherwise be another boring show... This the special to beat all specials,  you could say we are the special specialists.  That'll do donkey.. That'll do

Oh Deer! Christmas Is Here!

Term 1 has flown by and we haven't done enough radio! So we're cramming this in at the last minute (much like all of our coursework). 

Christmas is indeed nearly upon us and you may already be bored to death of the same old Christmas pop songs in the supermarket, but never fear, we're here to bring you some of the more unusual, fun, and just darn weird Christmassy music available to us. 

URY Does The US Election

Join URY for all the highs and lows, cutting edge analysis, and bland impartiality as we discover who is the new leader of the free world.

URY:PM The Music Team Show

My first PM show !!!! this Wednesday I'll try my best to entertain in the absence of my STYCs K-Spence and Charlotte.

The whole of the music team will be there to discuss the future of music at URY.

We've got a lot of stuff linned up, a band performance, an interview, and much much more :-)

Roses 2009: The Russell Truran Show
The LAST EVER series of The Russell Truran Show! Boo hoo! It's got all the usual silly features (and also the return of a silly feautre from the first series: Higher or Lower), Chris the Crow, me (Russell Truran- just in case you thought someone else would be presenting The Russell Truran Show!) and lots of silly emails as well if I know my listeners... So LISTEN NOW, while it's still on air...