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The best in campus and local DJ talent live.
The Short Mix
Tune in for a weekly mix and mash-up of old and new. Expect a blend of hip hop with jungle, broken beat with funk, or anything else that can be beat-matched or fused in harmony. www.shortmix.com for more info.
URY: DANCE will showcase dance from breaks to jungle, broken beat to future jazz, grime to hardcore and soca to dubstep. Expect an informed choice from the DJs of shortmix.com.
Castle Sessions

A music show of everything underground. Like the show Gully Riddems, but with better tunes and djs who actually know what they're doing.

For The People

Tune in for the biggest tracks pushing the boundaries of electronic music as we know it. Bass, Jersey, Bounce, Trap, Grime, Deep House, Jungle Terror, we've got it all.

Gavolostoke Power Hour

Two blondies, in their hunt for the product, have stumbled into URY.