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Alcuin Amplified
This is a unique radio show brought to you by the Vice Chair Welfare of Alcuin College. Katherine Turner is here to help! We want YOU to phone in for a chat, we welcome dilemmas, decision and deliberations on everything welfare. Happy, unhappy, anxious, anxious to party, prepared, unprepared - we want to here from you. Acting as an on air surgery for all your worries and concerns with general College Life. We're here to hear.
Bex and Bauer Hour
Grab a biscuit and join us for general noise, nonsense and a good ol’ natter. Bex and Bauer: bridging the North/South divide.
Delay No More!
Take an hour out of your day to have some fun, learn about music and maybe even move your body. Mike and Cherry will play a selection of upbeat, alternative tracks - old and new - designed to get you dancing round your kitchen and enjoying yourself. Hopefully there will be some bands you've heard of and some you haven't. With news about gigs, upcoming releases and general gossip, there will be all you need to find and follow Your New Favourite Band.
General Election Results Special
All the latest news and a roundup of the results of this years General Election.
Greg Dyke LIVE
Greg Dyke live on URY: Hear from the man who is the current chancellor of the University of York and the former Director General of the BBC.
Want music, want madness, tune into J.A.M. for all your listening needs. Delivering an hour of what's on our minds, what we're listening to, and general banter.
No Show Scheduled
The music library is set to shuffle, in a vaguely themed evening of badinage, music and general bardic goings-on.
Off The Cuff
Ever felt you could be wasting your life doing something useful? Off The Cuff has something right up your alley. Be it a love of rock music, a passion for useless knowledge or a general dislike for humankind, our presenters possess all that and more. Welcome aboard, it’s going to be an interesting voyage.
Roses 2009: The Peter Howes Show
Alternative classics, amazing brand new tunes and general amusement. Featuring special guests and regular co-presenters including the inimitable Gurmeet Bassi.
Rosie and Him
Eclectic musical choices and general repartee from Rosie Fletcher and her (gender non-specific) guests. Tune in to hear visitors to the studio make their musical selections, while Rosie defends her own occasionally dubious choice, with the soundtrack ranging from alternative and indie through to showtunes and beyond. Between the tracks there'll be banter, japes and the odd feature, all, no doubt, with hilarious consequences.
Sladerous comments and general rubbish...
The Peter Howes Show
New tunes, alternative classics and general amusement, featuring special guests.
The Return of TinPot Radio
Well now... It's that time of year again. The most epic week of Autumn Term has come round once more. The thrills, the sights, the sounds, the fit room mates, the cracking good times, the unchartable awsomeness and the alcoholic consumption of freshers week cannot be explained all in one sentence. So thats why we're putting on a radio show for all you lovely lovely people out there... So join Will, John and Vicky as they bring back last years much loved TinPot Radio. Tune is for some sweet sweet tunage, some chortling laughs, some inuendo, so lude quizzes and loads of general radio sexyness.... genuinely better than sex!!!.
The Tim and Emma Show
A fine selection of indie and rock music mixed with general banter about university life.
URY BREAKFAST with Mike and John
Wake up to the best in music, news, entertainment and general fun!.
URY Lunch: Mengoni and Reynolds present..
Two hours of banging tunes (but not ones that hurt too much), amusement and general useful information (ish).
Week 1 General Election Debate
Join Laura Cress as she chairs a debate between student representatives from each political party in front of a live studio audience.
To ask your question either message us through the website or email elections@ury.org.uk.
Wish I hadn't said that...
A light-hearted hour filled with music, games and general ramblings
York 90: Elections Live!
In the run up to the 2010 general elections join the ((URY)) News Team LIVE from Vanbrugh Paradise
URY Lunch with Lloyd and Andy
The usual badinage, music and general bardic goings-on, over a fun feature filled two hours.
David Maguire's Happy Hour
An hour of top-quality music, jokes and general link-like things from Ireland's 1997 U-7 Tiny-tots Cha-cha Ballroom Dancing Champion. Also featuring guest input from URY's resident "Manliness Expert" Quinton Blunderbuss, who will be giving listeners advice on how to be more macho. Even the ladies. Especially the ladies.
Mad Hatter's Chatter
Idle chatter, tunes and general madness.It's mad, it's chatter... occasionally we may even wear hats.
Anna in the Manor

Chatter, ramblings, requests and general madness.

Note: Not broadcast from an actual manor.

Page one (we don't explain names)

'Page one (we don't explain names)' is an easy-going and fresh take on radio, featuring the brave Matt and handsome Will in talks about our lives and life in general. If you've ever wondered what radio sounds like, now's your chance. Do as everyone else will be doing: tune in and die!

Music will be peachy and brilliant. 

Cheesed Off

From the makers of Big Cheese on Campus (a show you've probably never heard of but it was fun, honest) comes a spectacle of wit, cheesy pop and general messing around that may change the face of radio as we know it or failing that, give you an hour to kill between work.