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12 Hour Takeover
Jo Wickham spends 12 hours with no co-presenter, no food and no sleep...all for charity!
Its pronounced glass.
A nice hour divided between that music you forgot about and an insight into Taly and David's bubble along with a hilarious clash of accents.
The Evening Show With Alex Boyall
The music is good, if I ever stop talking and play some, so grab some food and drink, sit back, and relax listening to your favourite show!
The Midnight Snack
Combinatioin of great tunes, one bad tune, a whole load of banter, and a bit of food.
A special three hour show with all the main presenters from URY, celebrating the up-and-coming TV and food holiday.
URY LUNCH with Ed and SHoulders
Campus diva Ed Lewis-Smith and DJ periscope Samuel Houlders bring you the latest in uni chat and gossip, embellished by foodie digressions, naughty transgressions and some thigh-slappingly good tunes.
The Food Hangover

A collection of incredibly chilled tracks to help you through your post Sunday lunch food hangover or your post Saturday night party one. No harsh or loud noises garunteed.

The Harry Whittaker Show: Goodbye Andy and Bex

Time to...Say...Goodbye...Italian, Italian, Italian. The Harry Whittaker Show says farewell to Andy Lake and Producer Bex, as they ride off into the sun, with toddler jokes, yoghurt, and dog food falling off the horse behind them. Join the team for the final time, as they look back on some of their favourite moments, are joined by some old friends, and make you smile one last time. 

Light Refreshment - The Christmas Dinner

Join the team of Light Refreshment and friends for a very special Christmas dinner. Live from the house of Alex Light, join us for loads of terrible christmas music, loads of terrible christmas puns and even more terrible food. I wonder just how annoyed Alex's housemates wil get....

URY Brunch: Breakfast Club

Friday brunch/ breakfast with hosts Dominic Gould and Hector Macduff! (for reference on who we are listen to Insomnihour and Stage)

11 till 1 on Mondays mean its time to open up your earholes for two hours of music, mayhem and masterful radio presentation. 

Chef Will's Food Frenzy

Chef Will hosts URY's only food based quiz show.  Each week Neave is pitted against a new guest to explore a new food topic through a series of games and challenges.  

URY Speech Presents: Culture Show

Tune in to our show all about culture in York and Yorkshire! If you're stuck for things to do in York or a newbie to the area, then this is the place for you.

Whether you're interested in food, drink, art, museums etc. give the show a cheeky listen. 

URY Speech: The Culture Show

The latest in arts, food and drink in the University and wider city of York.

Taste Based

Some music, some food, all good

Alumni Takeover: Chef Will Returns

Chef Will is back in the URY studio, bringing you a throwback to radios only cooking based quiz show hosted by a two times national student radio award winning chef on your radio this Sunday at 3pm.

Culture Vultures

Ever wondered how art inspired Bowie? Or what gave rise to Freddie Mercury’s most iconic looks? 

Join us as we explore the intersections and connections between art, music, history, literature and fashion together. From 20s French Jazz to 60s New York, we’ll chat your ear off about all things culture! Enjoy the dulcet tones of two Culture Vultures right here on URY.