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Burn The Jukebox
insurgent musicalia. a personable, pleasant bunch of tunes from beyond, expect non-mainstream indie, folk, grime, electronica, doom, dubstep, dancehall, free jazz and Elvis Costello.
Christmas For Thee 3 hour Special
A music show; everything from folk to techno via warm fuzzy pop songs and jangly americana. Interviews with artists, specials on some of the pioneers out there at the moment and reports back from sweaty pub gigs around "The North".
Ellie's Bazaar
Music from Gypsy, Jazzy Trance, World, Reggae, Ska, Folk, Soft Dub to Happy Folk
Farrington on Folk
Andrew Farrington brings you whats new and wonderful in the world of folk, ranging from Laura Marling to Daniel Orcese. Listen in to exceptional music quality by a real music enthusiast.
New Music. The latest music from URY's music team.
Folk Off!
Formally Off the Halls-this is a music show of folky goodness to entertain (and educate) the masses, and prove it's not all Morris Dancers...
Friday Night Cocoa Puffs
A delicious mixture of crunchy hip-hop, sweet post-rock and a splash of milky folk, are all the ingredients needed for a great bowl of music!
Get Wise, Get Folked
Get the latest from the Folk world by two of the most coutrified members of the URY music team, Emily and Andy. From Johnny Flynn to Martin Simpson, these jolly fellows, along with a cup of tea and a shortbread biscuit, will set you on the right track in the most over-looked and excting genres out there.
Infantile Disorder
Beyond help. Underground, non-commerical music and non-music from around the world, behind closed doors and under the stairs. Hiphop, Grime, Dubstep, Punk, Post-Rock Ragga, Electronica, Beats and Breaks, Raggae, Dub, Freefolk, antifolk, spoken word, Grindcore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Klezmer and more. Guests and interlopers. Technical ineptitude. Death to Topshop indie! Feed the hipsters to the lions!.
A radio show for York's Amnesty International group, promoting causes and actions the society is focusing on as well as promoting good music.
Just Listen...
Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno, Indie, Folk, World, Classical, Blues, Ambient, Punk... something for everyone in an electic mix, just lie back and listen.
Lady and the Tramp
(Charmingly) rambly and rough around the edges with features and top tunes makes us akin to BBC 6Music with gossip and a healthy dose of funnies.
Magic Roundabout
An eclectic mash-up of idle banter. the finest obscure indie, folk and alternative rock, and the worship of Chairman Mao.
Michael Thackray
The specialist music show for the brave and the bold. Over the next two weeks Michael Thackray will be finding out what more about the murkey depths Techno and Electronica, and then taking a look at the farther reaches of Americana and Folk music. A good set of headphones are recommended.
Miles Burleigh
Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno, Indie, Folk, World, Classical, Blues, Ambient, Punk... something for everyone in an electic mix, just lie back and listen.
Playing music we kinda like, old and new, trying to capture the mood of the day.
Off The Halls
Playing a variety of fabulous folk music
Oli Julian and Andy Farrington
Back to where it all began. Oli and Andy are back with Andy's taste in folk and Oli keeping things from breaking!
Pick and Mix Up Tape
Eclectic to the extreme, this show is about music from all over time, place and pigeonholes. If you like a taste of the the unexpected in your pick and mix, I’ll open your ears to a choice selection of music delving into genres as broad as world, folk, electronic, contemporary and anything ‘unclassifiable’ by iTunes.
URY's Music Team debate a wide range of musical issues as well as running down this week's Recommended Listening.
Rockin' With Robyn

A mix of great music, from different genres, spanning from the 30s to now

Anything goes. Not confined to one genre, we like alternative music.
The Alternative Mix
Music, speech and reviews that you probably wouldn't hear on Radio 1, playing every genre imaginable.
The Children's Hour
If you don't like this song, wait for the next one. As eclectic as is possible. I'll be playing leftfield hip-hop, electronica, dubstep, acid, ragga, psych rock, genuine indie, lots of music from the currently burgeoning weird-folk scene, reggae, dub, world music and Tom Waits. I will also report back from the many gigs I attend with examples of what was played.
The Circulation Radio Project
York's only music magazine presents a selection of their favourite tracks of the moment.