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Risky Disco: The Warm up to Tokyo
If you're heading out tonight then this is the only show you need to hear! Exclusive offers, and music from chart to cheese!
The Culture Show

A show covering all things arts, and history, in and around the city of York. Featuring a special guest (or two). Come listen to us discover things you want to know, and many things you probably didn't want to know bi-weekly!

Hannah's Cacophonic Hour
Hannah and a bustle of passionate guests expound on life's greatest mysteries and play undiscovered music adhering to a different theme each week. Disclaimer: the term 'Cacophonic' is subjective.
Disco Sucks
URY's only specialist disco show also plays soul, funk and house. Music to make you dance, baby.
Listen To What ISA
Exploring the World in York. The University of York's International Students' Association discovers the diversity of culture, lifestyle and music found on Campus.
The Josh and Russell Review
Political discourse, intelligent design, live interviews, live music, and not forgetting Josh and Russell.
Rhythm Roulette

A mix of anhthing from the world of electronic music from techno to disco and beyond!Take a guided tour every week from specific focuses on labels to an exploration of selected scenes around the world, all in the form of a an hour mix. 

Jen's Boom Box

It's summer 1975. You've got your flares on and a Harvey Wallbanger in hand. The boombox has just been invented and somehow your mate David has copped one. Van Morrison is blaring. No one knows what drum and bass is. Life is good.

Bringing you all the best bops from before Britney took over - pre 90s tunes only. Join Jen and Hannah in the golden age of rock n roll, with some spicy disco curveballs thrown in for a good time.

URY @ Live & Loud - Silent Disco
URY DJs at the Live & Loud Silent Disco
Musical Allsorts with James Masters
Delve into a tasty packet of eclectic tunes with James Masters. Fresh new music, blues, rock, funk, jazz - who knows what we'll unwrap.
URY Gold Special: 70s Disco
Don't fancy Battle of the Bands? Funky on down to the multicoloured dancefloor with URY Gold!
Izzie's Year Six Picks

Do you miss tossing away your Capri Sun and tucking in your flame t-shirt, before offering that cute crush one of your 50p sweets? Oh boy, have I got the show for you! Welcome to 'Izzie Year Six Picks', where I'll play all those classic songs from the crème de la crème of early 2000s clubbing. Grab your raffle tickets, pull up your glittery tights, and get ready to impress the coolest kids in key-stage 2 by sliding as far to the left as possible, and criss-crossing until you flop (or until your mum arrives to pick you up)!

Behind The Tunes

Join Josie and Charlotte for a weekly show that delves into the world of music. Exploring the stories behind the tunes! 

Each week will be a different genre, theme or decade allowing us to explore the world of music in depth and discover new truths!

Cut the Lights

Alex Light brings you 1 hour of uninterupted music from the best in neo-soul to the hottest IDM all via indie disco hits. It's all about the music you want to hear but haven't heard yet.

Tune in, turn the lights off.

Open The Pit

Open The Pit: Hardcore music for hardcore people! + a tad of chill and acoustic when the time is right! 

Indie Unearthed

Join Will and Anna for more of those block rockin beats.

Watson's Underground Hour

An hour of purely the best underground/experimental electronic music that I have discovered either online or in record shops across the country. Ranging from house & techno, to the unique London sounds of grime and garage I will try to alternate themes each week with some shows dedicated to specific labels, genres or time periods. Depending on what mood I am in I may even throw in some Disco.

Please enjoy the dark gritty sounds of the underground.

All New Front-ears
Two presenters. Two stations. One unforgettable show. Four years in the making, the Front-ears formula is perfected to take you on a eclectic journey through World Music. Now also available on Fréquence Mistral. Leave your passport on your desk, we cut out the hassle of customs to bring you the freshest International Beats. Then we drag you back to the Embassy for a debauched disco of dirty melodies, exploring Electronica in all its most exotic forms. All New Front-ears: Travelling never sounded so sweet!.
same old spunky teens, house electro disco soul dubstep and scenester rubish, plus audio debauchary from harvey slater and holdsworth ury's flagship dance program/official thursday night warm up/ winner of best show name at the ury's 2008, ect ect. annie mac's mash up on a student budget.
The SoundCloud Shakedown

Playing new trending tracks and the best electronic, hip-hop, and R&B music that soundcloud has to offer, with your host, Matt. Let me help you discover your new favourite artist and make the hours I spend procrastinating, browsing through soundcloud somewhat more worthwhile.

Go Funk Yourself

How hard do you like to be funked? Discover your new limit on the 4 week exclusive, Go Funk Yourself!

Just Gassing

Electronic oriented music celebrating the past, present and future of Disco, House, and whatever Nic has found this week. Interrupted by occasional gassing. You know like intermittent gas leaks, but fun.

Hidden Gems

Hidden gem (idiom): something outstanding which few people may know about. New discoveries and old favourites we think you need to hear. 

URY:PM - Sabb Showdown

Join Jack Rewcroft as he puts the old and new sabbs against each other to discover which team has what it takes i a series of challenges!

Pedro's Crate

A continuous review of all the sounds I've managed to collect so far alongside current discoveries and explorations. Lots of funk, the occasional disco and the everlasting hip-hop.