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Charlie Says...
What kind of music do you like? I'm not sure actually... Playing anything and everything, and eventually hoping to find out exactly what her music type is, Charlie Elliott blasts your ears with metal but quickly cools them down with some soul. Or anything else she can find.
FFT Radio
Jake and Ed play an eclectic mix of music that you either may not of heard or really should be listening too. From metal to motown, from hip hop to indie and anything else we wish we had been cool enough to write you are guaranteed to hear something that you'll love.
Green Dykes
Cool music and Good times.
Lee's Kick Back
Just what you want to hear in the mornings. A cool selection of downtempo, dub, dubstep, trip hop and laid back electronica - Upbeat and dark in equal measure. Interspered with handy life and music info and the wise musings of a third year Uni veteran.
The Friday Evening Show
Staying in on a Friday night? Tune in for the hottest tunes and the coolest chat.
The Old Fashioned Music Show
That's right, Tim's back with his trad jazz mix - though he'll probably stray back into the 1920s, too, cos he's that cool. A relaxing start to a hectic term.
URY Breakfast with the Hasbeens
We've been there. Done that. Now we'll show you how it's done. Also we can be your cool down from Salvation on a Wednesday morning.
URY LUNCH with Jake and Ed
Jake and Ed play an eclectic mix of music that you either may not of heard or really should be listening too. From metal to motown, from hip hop to indie and anything else we wish we had been cool enough to write you are guaranteed to hear something that you'll love.
URY PM: Campus Drivetime
The show dedicated to getting you across campus safely. Jamie and Rich unveil the most fashionable tracks, hottest gossip and updates across campus.
Woodstock 2011: The Big Chill
URY will deliver all the Woodstock 2011 coverage you can feasibly digest tomorrow. Tonight, join us as we cool out before the main event.
Free Jazz
An hour that encompasses all things jazz. Whether it's smooth, bop, cool, big band, trad, contemporary, funk, latin or soul - it'll be here.
Big Cheese on Campus

The music equivalent of a shot at Willow, this show revels in the music which is so bad that it's kind of good. Rather than gently getting you through Monday, I instead will attempt to get you singing along to songs you hoped you'd forgotten the words to. Perfect for not doing work to, Monday evenings will never be the same again. DISCLAIMER: Monday nights will probably be the same as every other Monday as the presenter has no control over the days or weather or any cool powers like that (even though he thinks he does). The Presenter takes no liability for any injuries caused by people suddenly dancing to any of the tunes played or the insult that this show is to good music. Terms, conditions and yolo applies.

Cool Britannia

Listen for your favourite Britpop/rock music, or modern bands inspired by the big four of Britpop. 


Your weekly dose of new music, music news, gig news and some other cool stuff. In terms of the music. Anything goes. Expect the unexpected. From guitar bands to experimental electronica.

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URY Breakfast: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time

Grace puts a pep in your step and some sweet tunes in your ears! Tune in for cool content and the chance to compete in wild competitions for the grand prize of some Rice Krispies

Throwback to the 80s

Reliving the 1980s like they never went away.

Izzie's Year Six Picks

Do you miss tossing away your Capri Sun and tucking in your flame t-shirt, before offering that cute crush one of your 50p sweets? Oh boy, have I got the show for you! Welcome to 'Izzie Year Six Picks', where I'll play all those classic songs from the crème de la crème of early 2000s clubbing. Grab your raffle tickets, pull up your glittery tights, and get ready to impress the coolest kids in key-stage 2 by sliding as far to the left as possible, and criss-crossing until you flop (or until your mum arrives to pick you up)!

Back again with the chill behaviour

Matt is back in York to check out all this cool FM stuff.

Be ready for a nice chilled show of new and old stuff, hopefully something will tickle your fancy!

The Max and Dylan Show

Max… is a man. Dylan… is also a man. They are interested in subjects, many subjects. Come listen to their discussion of subjects they’re pretty cool (I am your conscience, this will be good for you).

Subjects may include, but are not limited to;
Pop culture
Personal experiences
Earth related matters
However, we will not, under any circumstances, be discussing Roger! Do not ask me why!

Gentrified Kebabs

 Join Eylem (@itwslv) and Arcin (@arcin.the.pea) on their esoteric (and their maybe insufferable) radio odyssey, guiding your long day's journey into the night, cool and calm as a kebab! 

Slice! and Joe Hour

Join Alice Grahame and Joe Waters as they premiere their new song 'my friends don't like u' and play some other cool tunes :D

Yakov Eats Breakfast

In an effort to develop a steady sleeping schedule, Yakov's yummy breakfast bangers will hopefully wake him up in preparation for the start of the week. (my song choices should hopefully be better than my alliteration attempts)

cool radio show

its a cool radio show

Rockin' All Over The World

From Manchester to Melbourne, Cockermouth to Cairo and Brighton to Beijing, Rockin' All Over The World will take on a brand new destination every week. Join Lottie, Rosie and Alex as we consider the tunes and culture of each week's location in a fun filled hour of enjoyment, discussion and debate. 

listen on headphones but in the morning and Yakov has left to get some sleep