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Dave's hour of chaos
Bringing the weekend to a close by chilling out to the max. Here you'll experience 360 degrees of head exploding insights, a random mix of songs, maybe a few competitions...and some guests and phonecalls if i can trust anyone enough.
URY Breakast: Midweek Sparrow-Fart (Extended Mix)

Jukebox fails and Eiron Page and the Night Warbler get trapped on the airwaves. Hilarity ensues.

Speed of Life

A carefully curated selection of broadly "alternative" (whatever that means) tunes from the classic to the eclectic, with a special nod of fondness to the arty and pretentious. Yes, "classic alternative" is kind of a contradiction in terms, but here at Speed of Life, we embrace paradox to the point of meaninglessness. Occasional themed weeks provide welcome respite from the usual swirl of chaos.

Society Challenge

Ever thought of joining a society at York but not sure what they actually do, if you'd fit in or its it even fun let the professionals help. Society Challenge is the weekly game show for you, with different societies under our steely gaze each week societies will compete to make it to the top of our league until we can truely decied who the KingSoc is... With interviews, in field reporting, music and a bit of competion Society Challenge is perfect for the doe-eyed Fresher taking their first steps in uni life to the hardend thrid year desparately cramming in as much university as they can while still graduating  

Bringing you the fun, variety and inevitable chaos of a Freshers fair every week! 

URY:PM - computing.doRadioShow();

You'll be longing for the sweet simplicity of a Sine wave.

The Chaos Theatre

No structure. No consistency. I could sit there for 40 minutes and talk about chainlink - or maybe it's a music show

Just Turn It Off Already! Spring 2021

Its the end of term, so come along and enjoy while The Man (read as 'Ofcom') tries to (read as 'tells us to') shut us down (read as 'not broadcast outside our allowed period')!


Complete Unadulterated Chaos

It's a show where I play quite literally any and every chaotic track I can think of. If you were expecting some kind of metric or order, then I'd stop reading now. However, if a snazzy mix of alternative tracks from all over the music-sphere is your kinda vibe, then tune on in. 

Listen On Headphones

James, Jon, Zoë & Ron power up to transmit your fix of electronic sounds. James' pure analogue circuitry resonates with rich waveforms while Jon's digital CPU calculates precise signal processing chaos. Ron's memory banks hold secrets about electronica's distant past and Zoë's emotionally resonant noise spectra provide a glimpse of the future. Together they will supercede humanity, assume total control, and ban Oasis covers, but ocassionally still play Wonderwall. 

Listen on headphones or high quality speakers to get the best experience.

One Tune Led to Another...

The show where each song has a connection to the last. From classic collaborations and sensational sampling to the most unexpected writing credits, creating one long train of musical mayhem! Let's see how far we can go...

Helping Out

Raiding the URY vinyl archive, digging up scratchy old songs, keeping URY on air that little bit longer

The Parent Tape: Unwound

Wanted more of the stories and the music and the constant tangents? Spend 2 chaotic hours with your hosts and the guest from this week's show as we try and stay on topic with the same parent-created playlist.

Breakfast: 8 Wynn the Morning

Hi!! I'm Wynn and welcome to my Breakfast show, except that one time when it isn't a breakfast show. So I'm not sure what I'm doing, but come join me in the chaos so I'm not alone.

Lizard On Headphones

James, Jon, & Zoë, & Ron power up to transmit your fix of electronic sounds and lizard facts. James' pure analogue circuitry resonates with rich waveforms and Zoë's  emotionally resonant noise spectra, while Jon's digital CPU calculates precise signal processing chaos. Together they will supercede humanity, assume total control, and ban Oasis covers. 

Lizard on headphones or high quality speakers to get the best experience.

Turn Off Show - Autumn 2022

It is that time of year to turn off the AM transmitter. Join us for music, games and talk of this term.

I'm on the radio and nobody has done anything about it yet

Hello I'm James. I do radio stuff. At some point I might stop but I haven't stopped yet and it is possible I won't for a while.

i'll plan something before it starts

I haven't planned this show yet but I will have done by the time its on air


talking about computers and other stuff

cool radio show

its a cool radio show

listen Jon headphones

James and Jon have a nice chat about music and nerd stuff and probably something silly

one of the shows ever made

A show that has not been made yet but will be soon

Listen Ron headphones

In this special 2 man episode of listen on headphone James and Ron will be talking about stuff

this is not the best show in the world

this is just a tribute


Friday afternoon is clearly the chaos block, let's extend it even further. Marks' music taste is certifiably "weird" (genuine quote), and perhaps you'll get to hear some of it.

(If you get the reference in the show name, message in for a biscuit.)

Spring Turn Off Show 2023

Join URY as we turn off our AM antenna for the second to last time.