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Bradley's Big Brunch
Not breakfast, not lunch, not really that good, but I've got nothing to do, and there's nothing else to fill the schedule...
Brunch-time Nostalgia Hour
Join Dave counts down a top 40 from this week back in history. Music connoisieurs beware - memories may cause disturbance ;-)
Nic Munday's Monday brunch
I play alot of songs, all based around a theme of the week
Sunday Brunch
Join Paul and Ollie for a brunch of hip-hop, electro, rock and anything else that takes our fancy every Sunday morning.
URY Lunch with Alex Boyall
Two hours of fun, frolics and fantastic music! Whether late, working, packed, brunch, or 'dinner', enjoy it whilst listening to URY!
No Ducks Given

So named because of our wonderful neighbours on campus, we wouldn't want them gone! Just a bit of chatter and whatever music sounds good that week; rock, pop, or anything in between as long as it catches the ear and gets you moving!

URY Brunch: Roger That!

A show in which we will indulge all the fun elements of the radio. Featuring regular musical interludes, consisting of both cheesy and indie-rock tunes, discussion will cover a wide range of topics including news stories, internet gaffes, sport, alongside games and other features. Want to tune in? Roger that! 

URY:PM - Light Refreshment

Back a whole two hours later than before! Hopefully Alex will actually wake up on time for this now it's not at 9am and Joe will get out of his lecture quickly and they'll both do a decent job. 

URY Brunch: With Peter and Cat

We'll be waking you up (because let's be honest, who's awake before 11 anyway?) to the best tunes and chat. Let the mayhem begin. 

URY Brunch: Breaking Brunch

Easy like a Sunday morning... join Will Rawlinson, Britt Borkan and Katie Garnett every week for 2 hours of brunch-time banter, music hits and weekly games. So whether you're whipping up those pancakes or hitting the books at the lib, tune in at 11am to start your week the right way!

URY Brunch: The Saturday Lie-In

James Brookes (and the sometime producer Jenny) move from breakfast to brunch and get a lie-in on a Saturday!  Fascinating facts, a look at the morning papers and general chat mean the weekend is finally here.

URY Brunch: The Country Connection

URY Brunch: The Country Connection is your weekly connection to the world of country music. Join me each week as we take a look at a selection of the best contemporary country music, as well as making the occasional tip of the hat to the classics that made country music great.

URY Brunch: Christmas In Your Face

A longer one-off christmas special!

URY Brunch: Star-Struck Jack and the Mystery Cat

An anarchic voyage through the mysterious ramblings of Star-Struck Jack and the Mystery Cat.

Including a selection of fantastically originally games such as Try to Accurately Ascertain the Piece of Music Being Simulated with Dissonant Noises by a Human Being, Impartially In the News, and the G-Spot.

URY Brunch - Star-Struck Jack and the Mystery Cat

An anarchic voyage through the whimsical ramblings of Star Struck Jack and The Mystery Cat.

Featuring an eclectic taste in music, focusing mainly on indie and alternative. 


Our show will feature totally original and groundbreaking games and segments such as: "Try to Accurately Ascertain the Piece of Music Being Simulated With Dissonant Noises by a Human Being", "Impartially in the News", "The G-Spot" (Guilty Pleasure Tracks) and the audience participation-laiden "Awkward Questions".

Tune in for other, one-off broadcasting delights such as "Trump or Hitler?" and "Where's The Cheese?", as well as our unique brand of chat and mischief.

URY Brunch: The Younger Ones

Beth and Katy play a variety of nineties and noughties hits for you to wake up to whilst you contemplate your childhood. 

URY Brunch: Breakfast Club

Friday brunch/ breakfast with hosts Dominic Gould and Hector Macduff! (for reference on who we are listen to Insomnihour and Stage)

11 till 1 on Mondays mean its time to open up your earholes for two hours of music, mayhem and masterful radio presentation. 

URY Brunch - We're All Ears

Join Reece, Sophy and Zak for 2 hours of the best music, a few games, and a lot of chat. We're back this year with a new addition to the team and some amazing new features including quizzes, challenges and news/review segments. Our music once again will be based on any listener requests, although in the mean time we'll be playing a whole host of pop, hip-hop and R&B bangers; old and new. 

URY Brunch: with K-Spence

A one off special with a taster of features for our show next year!

Amateur Hour

Bill and Ben return with a new show and an equal amount of inadequacy. Can Will create content as quickly as Ben can mess up the controls? Or will both find their feet as newly crowned 2nd year presenters? Find out with brand new features such as 'Get Smart', 'Stranded with a song' and 'Film Fights' as well as the return of old favourites such as 'The Purt Locker' and 'What the heck is this stupid lyric'. 

URY Brunch: The Culture Show

A magazine show in whic we take a closer look at the world of popular culture and the arts. Each week we will take a look at the latest from the world of music, film, television, gaming and the wider arts - as well as playing a wide range of music, old and new.

URY Brunch - Smile!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of unhappy news in the world? Then this is the show for you! A different guest presenter joins Rebecca each week for upbeat music, fun segments and games, and chat about all things happy.

URY Brunch: Brunch A Do About Nothing

Join Reece, Sophy & Zak for the best music, games and mindless chatter on URY! Expect the return of popular features such as Trivial Trivial Pursuit, Ice in the Booth and the most appropriate song game.

URY Brunch: The Saturday Lie-In

Join James (and sometime producer Jenny) for a look at the morning papers, fascinating facts, celebrity birthdays and a new feature each term.  In the entertainment world what will James will be supporting and what will he be ranting about?  The best way to start your weekend.

URY Brunch: No DLC Required

 Join the regular No DLC team as we discuss and disect the week in video games, film and tv!! We'll also be seeing what happens when four people with rather different music tastes compete over whose songs to play through the only way that doesn't involve an ambulance: game shows!! We're bringing back the (soon to be) legendary "Stealthy Godzilla", introducing the shiny new "Broodier than Batman?" and much more!!!