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3LOUD mouth's and Jack
Informal current affairs chat, with outrageously contraversial opinions on any issue you want to talk about!! A perfect way to start a weekend!!.
After Anarchy
After Anarchy is a Post Punk music show. Playing all the music from an almost forgotten era of music between 1978 and 1984. With types of music
such as Ska Revival, Electronic, Gothic, Pop, Indie, Punk and Post Punk. And featuring
bands such as Public Image Ltd, Joy Division, Talking Heads, Scritti
Politti, Devo, The Fall, The Slits, The Human League, Gary Numan, Echo and
the Bunnnymen, Lydia Lunch, Pere Ubu, The specials, Cabaret Voltaire, and
many more. Aswell as discussion about the music, their influences, affect on culture and their effect on todays music.
Bob's Welfare Hour
YUSU Welfare Officer, Bob Hughes, will be discussing some of the big issues affecting students, with guests talking about the events and support offer
Cheesy Nostalgia
All the chart hits you thought you'd forgotten about!
Classics For Dummies
A beginners' guide to listening to classical music. What are the warbling women always singing about? Why do orchestras always take themselves so seriously? What's so special about Beethoven? All these questions answered and more! Featuring all the big names like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, but also a few lesser-known treasures.
Closer to Midnight Messiah
If you give a s**t about good music then this is your show.
A fun lively discussion show about topical and interesting social issues with music.
Delay No More!
Take an hour out of your day to have some fun, learn about music and maybe even move your body. Mike and Cherry will play a selection of upbeat, alternative tracks - old and new - designed to get you dancing round your kitchen and enjoying yourself. Hopefully there will be some bands you've heard of and some you haven't. With news about gigs, upcoming releases and general gossip, there will be all you need to find and follow Your New Favourite Band.
Elections '05 - Candidate Question Night
Each candidate standing in this years SU Elections is interviewed about their policies.
Enturbulation: Scientology in York
Rob Watts presents a short documentary about student involvement in the pro and ant-Scientology movement in York.
Flogging a Dead Horse with Joseph Hook
I'm back! With the best selection of music on radio today - including gems that you had forgotten about, some that you never knew, and as many of your requests as I can fit in. Including an extraordinary line-up of exciting guests, and a plethora of enthralling features. It's going to be even better than Hooky's Whole Hour was last term! I know, I didn't think it was possible either.
For An Angel
An hour of the tunes that you probably wouldn't have thought about listening to yourself, but when you hear them, realise they're what you wanted really.
Freshers Fair
URY live from the heart of Freshers Fair in the Physics Concourse. Come find out more about your station. There's CDs to give away courtesy of CD-WOW! and the infamous URY goodies.
Happy Hour with Pete and Rob
Pete, Rob and an assortment of guests bring you Happy Hour: 60 minutes of great music, games and laughs. Catch up with what's going on in York that you should know about, and join us as we trawl through the week's funnier news stories!
H Block Rock
A melange of classic rock which most of you won't have heard from artists most of you will have heard of. This being our first ever show, we'll be trying to give a sense of what the show will be about and the kinds of things we'll be playing. May include the odd well-known track.
Il ruggito dell'agnello
A show about Italian culture and music
Internet Killed The Radio Star
Music when the lights go out. York's official music and relationship helpline. A showcase of the best indie music - old and new, amongst idle chit-chat about everything from music to how to keep your relationship alive (or how to get one).
Its pronounced glass.
A nice hour divided between that music you forgot about and an insight into Taly and David's bubble along with a hilarious clash of accents.
John Randall
Former URY presenter and 1970 Student Union President John Randall returns to chat with current YUSU president Anne-Marie Canning about the past, present and future of student politics and student life.
Laura Vs The World
Indie, punk, electro, dance, pop, old new...if you love it or hate it, come and argue with me about it. Lots of opinions, musical banter, special guests, brand new music and imaginary sandwiches. Listen if you dare.
Laura Vs Tom
Indie, punk, electro, dance, pop, old new...if you love it or hate it, come and argue with us about it. Laura picks the tunes for one half of the show, Tom picks the other half...you decide whose music taste is better. Lots of opinions, musical banter, special guests and brand new music. Listen if you dare.
Lie In With Demi And Alex
This is the show to listen to if you want an hour of fun and laughter! We'll be talking about the everyday goings on in and around campus and our likes and dislikes....no doubt there will be a few debates!! =]
Live At The Witch Trials
Host Tom 'The Bomb' Killingbeck and some very 'special' guests take you on a magic carpet ride into the darkest depths of underground music. With topical comedy, sexual tension, heated musical debate and far-out features, there's something for everyone. From psychedelia to hip-hop, doom metal to girl group pop, and post-punk to jazz, we'll be playing you the past, present and future of all the music your mother warned you about, right on past witching hour...
Magic Roundabout
An eclectic mash-up of idle banter. the finest obscure indie, folk and alternative rock, and the worship of Chairman Mao.
Michael Thackray
The specialist music show for the brave and the bold. Over the next two weeks Michael Thackray will be finding out what more about the murkey depths Techno and Electronica, and then taking a look at the farther reaches of Americana and Folk music. A good set of headphones are recommended.