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URY LIVE AT 5: The World According to Big Ben
Music from all over; weekly topic specials; live guests and music; sorting out the issues while we still know it all. You can expect pretty much everything on this show; tastes in tracks from indie to electro, alternative to pop classics. Special guests on our hot topics join Ben and the crew for live debates, live music and interviews, competitions and features such as the ever popular 'Random Track', 'Stupid American News', weekly appeals, and the legendary 'Fresher Divert'...
The Sauce
No news, all music.
Alumni Shows: The Magical Mystery Music Machine

At the start of each show, my hastily-written computer code picks a random date from the 60s, 70s or 80, and I have to fill 58 minutes with music and news from that date. The URY record library gets a bit patchy if we go back to the 60s, so wish me luck!

The College Sport Report

URY's weekly show dedicated to all things about college sports

That May Have Been the News
All the news that didn't quite make the headlines over the Christmas holidays with a great mix of music and chat. Regular features include - 'The missing link' & the 'Acoustic session'.
Arctic News

Q: Where can you find an ocean without any water?
A: On a map! 

I solemnly swear it won't be as stupid as this joke. 

The Vice Chancellor on URY

With a term 1 unlike any other almost over, join URY News as they speak to both the Vice Chancellor and some representatives from student media about all that has occured and what the year ahead may look like.

R&B Weekly

Your weekly fix of old and new R&B alongside short discussions on R&B related news. 

The (Bi)Weekly Muddle

It's Gina and Jamie. It's third year. We're still on the radio. We're still funny. Tune in. 

URY Breakfast: Midweek Sparrow-Fart

Sparrow-Fart: "Very early in the morning!" Join Jay and Steve every week as they get up at sparrowfart purely for your entertainment. With a look at the mornings papers, some form of music and invariably some form of conversation, it's everything you would expect from a breakfast programme and more (or less).

FocusMusic: The Panel

A selection of URY's most discerning specialist music presenters gather to discuss the freshest and most interesting tracks of the week - with reviews, interviews and news from the local scene.

URY PM: Campus Drivetime
The show dedicated to getting you across campus safely. Jamie and Rich unveil the most fashionable tracks, hottest gossip and updates across campus.
URY is Go! for 2023-2024

We're back for another year of music, news, sport and fun! Feel free to join URY today at ury.org.uk/getinvolved

Not the Jeremy Vine Show with The Lemon Press

The Lemon Press takes you through all the news we can make up

URY 50

As URY turns 50, James Brookes celebrates the last half century of University Radio York.  James will count backwards one year at a time playing the biggest hits, discussing the new events and crazes and the important moments in URY history until he reaches 1968 at the end of the summer term.

URY N&S: General Election 2019 - The Debate

Exactly one week before an historic and unpredictable election, URY News is joined by representatives of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties to discuss the key talking points of our election and fight for your votes, with analysis and context from other student media groups.

Arts Hour

Interviews of public and performers, news, live events, reviews, performative arts, spicy-recipes and musical magic.

Politics: What's Happened Now?

What on earth is going on in the world? It's a fair question. Join Eloise as she tries to figure it out, with a hour-long news round up of all the UK and international political stories bracing the headlines. Don't worry, there'll be a few tunes in there, too - have to lighten the mood somehow.

The Sports Blitz

From Football to Formula One and Basketball to Baseball, the world of sport never stops. Alex, Josh, Will and others present a weekly show looking at the week's big sporting news, topics and events with debates, ranting and the worst predictions you've ever heard. For the podcast version of the show, go to anchor.fm/alex-woodward29 or search for 'The Sports Blitz' on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public or Breaker

Armchair Radio
Sascha and Jim compete for York's attention in the show that brings you the week's best news stories.
People of York

Want to hear about the weird and wonderful things students and locals get up to in York? This is the show for you!


Keeping you informed on the latest business and financial events with some deep electronic beats, throughout the stock market highs and lows    

Never Mind That I'm Mocking The News For You
Your know the score. Two teams led by a regular captain each week play a variety of news- and music-based games, the winners being the team who I judge to have produced the funniest stuff. With some songs thrown in.
The NFL Blitz

URY's self-declared best NFL radio show. Alex, Josh and Will dissect all from the week of NFL football and news.

Talking Points

Kyle Siwek discusses the important news topics from on campus and around the world with different guests each week on a Friday night with a selection of music to help kickstart your weekend!