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They Should Call It 'Funday'!

Putting the Fun back into Sunday afternoons, we'll be bringing you our favourite tunes of the week with some chatter about life, reviews, and all things awesome!

The Rambles

A talkshow style comedy show in which Grace and Louis go through various topics and give their witty thoughts alongside a few silly lighthearted segments too!

The Wrong Stuff

Welcome to the Current Affairs show for those who don't care about Current Affairs. With one ordinary man on a street, a semi-knowledgable co-presenter, and a sarcastic sidekick, The Wrong Stuff team will take you through the major events of the week in a lighthearted way that will show that they sort of know what they're talking about...I think. 


Podcast discussing the signs, symptoms and experiences of cancer for young adutls. This season on caretoshare we are covering lots of important topics from life after cancer, self-care and navigating day-to-day life with a cancer diagnosis. Join us for deep chats, laughs and inspirational guests. Cancer can be quite a heavy topic but we promise to make it as light-hearted as possible so it becomes an easier part of all our conversations. 

URY Brunch: Rewcroft's Round-Up

Join Jack Rewcroft and Niamh Taylor alongside a host of eclectic guests for a sort of 'This Morning' for students at the University of York. No story is too wild and wacky to be featured so if you have something you think the student population needs to hear, contact jwr520@york.ac.uk to get it on air! 



Just a few Indie tunes and a bit of a chat, really.   

The York Politics Digest

York Politics Society's official radio show, covering all things political. Each week Adam and Charlie will present you with a lighthearted look at what's going on in the world of current affairs.

Radio Ramblings
Discussions, reviews and lighthearted banter revolving around the world of film, TV, music and probably video games. Interspersed with eclectic music.