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Dan, Harry and Friends
Dan and Harry bring you a range of music that Harry chooses and Dan has never heard of.
Dan, James and Harry Experience
Dan, James and Harry entertain the University of York, taking a cynical, satirical view on the weeks news and providing the best music going.
URY:PM - The Harry Whittaker Show

Squint your ears and check in with Harry for LOLs a-plenty. (Probably). He has amusing chat and good pop music to fuel your procrastination. Make sure you look out for 'Funny Stuff From the TV', 'Lyrical Shmyrical', 'Poke fun at the period between Monday and Sunday' and 'Band Name Generator'. He's very excited.

Barross and Ben
Musing and music
Ben and Barross
Musing and Music
URY Breakfast with Harry and Tom

Join Harry Whittaker and Tom Edwards for the Friday Breakfast. Guests, tunes, interviews, ridiculousness. Fun? Naturally. 

The Harry Whittaker Lunch

Now on lunches too. 

Super Bowl Sunday XLVIII

Join Harry Whittaker and Eiron Page, two self-professed American Football ignoramuses, as they attempt to make sense of the Super Bowl and offer an insightful play-by-play commentary on the events of the evening. Matt Bramall, who does know about the game, will be on hand to lend guidance and expertise where they are most desperately needed.

The Harry Whittaker Show: Goodbye Andy and Bex

Time to...Say...Goodbye...Italian, Italian, Italian. The Harry Whittaker Show says farewell to Andy Lake and Producer Bex, as they ride off into the sun, with toddler jokes, yoghurt, and dog food falling off the horse behind them. Join the team for the final time, as they look back on some of their favourite moments, are joined by some old friends, and make you smile one last time. 


"Experimental electronic music interspersed with psychedelic narrative. A guided relaxation to help you shed the stresses of student life for an hour every fortnight, hosted by Harry Dyson."

URY:PM with Kat and Harry

Wahey. Ludicrous. 

YUSU Elections Results Night 2015

Join us as URY host the YUSU Elections Results Night 2015. With George Lane and Caterina Soave taking care of analysis of the results and URY's very own Harry Whittaker, Alex Light, Claire Thomas and Hattie Chatfield on stage revealing the results on the night. 

Topic with Harry and Oliver

A current affairs, politics and philosophy chat show with popular music thrown in for good measure. Join Harry and Oliver as they discuss weekly issues, their broader implications, and whether or not Arsenal will win the FA Cup again.

URY Breakfast: With Harry & Andy

Start the day with that Friday Feeling! Wake up with Harry and Andy entertaining you through the morning.

MeowThe Harry Whittaker Lunch

Keenan vs. Kelly: Battle of the Genres

Each week Joe and Harry will be bringing you the best music from different genres, battling out to see who can choose the best tracks. At the end of the show can message in and vote for who you think played the best music. 

Don't Stop The Music

Lock in to an hour of the best most ecclectic tunes mixed seemlessy by some of the most exciting DJs and producers in York. Each week brings a different theme or genre. 

THIS TERMS GUESTS: Calypso Takeover (Pol Piella), Harry G, + More TBA


Whether its been stuck in their heads or the replay button is broken-- Harry and Hannah bring forth the tunes of the week that they just can't stop tapping their toes to. 

So It Went

So It Went is a commentary on the moments of music history that shaped the landscape of todays modern sounds, between Harry (who knows things about music) and George (who doesn't). From the British Invasion to Madchester, and anything else we can think of, all will be discussed.

Small Talk

Join Chris Small and Harry Clay as they talks about both small and big things, and provides the most totally absolutely serious takes, and interviews. 

Talk 'N' Tunes with Harry

A mixture of music and chat, with sarcasm and humour in between. A show that provides you with a laugh, whilst playing songs that you can dance along to.

Baker Street

Will Jeffery and Harry Redburn help you wind your way down to 'Baker Street' with the University of York's worst and best cooking. The show will feature regular guests who will give an insight into the dark recesses of university kitchens. You used to say it was so easy but the show will show you who's crying now.

Rear Winging It: F1 Podcast

Welcome to Rear Winging It: F1 Podcast

Join three F1 superfans Ellie Ledwell, Mitchell Mennell and Harry Mckay as they analyse, laugh and bumble their way through the world's fastest sport. 

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