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Seasons: 5
Episodes: 12

Star Struck Jack and The Mystery Cat


An anarchic voyage through the whimsical ramblings of Star Struck Jack and The Mystery Cat.

Featuring an eclectic taste in music, focusing mainly on indie and alternative. 


Our show will feature totally original and groundbreaking games and segments such as: "Try to Accurately Ascertain the Piece of Music Being Simulated With Dissonant Noises by a Human Being", "Impartially in the News", "The G-Spot" (Guilty Pleasure Tracks), the audience participation-laiden "Awkward Questions", and "The Name Game", which carries a special forfeit for the loser each week, to be found on our Facebook Page here:

Tune in for other, one-off broadcasting delights such as "Trump or Hitler?" and "Where's The Cheese?", as well as our unique brand of chat and mischief.



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SeasonID Season First Episode Episodes
21698 1. Nov 2015 1
21701 2. Dec 2015 1
21722 3. Jan 2016 8
22052 4. Oct 2016 1
22878 5. Jun 2018 1

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