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2009 Top 20 with Martyn Williams
You've been voting for weeks, now it's your chance to hear the 20 biggest songs of 2009 as voted for by YOU.
URY Election Special 2015

URY covers the 2015 General Election results as they are announced with robust severity and Yorkist irreverence. Presented by Jack Staples-Butler of URY News.

URY Brunch: Breakfast Club

Friday brunch/ breakfast with hosts Dominic Gould and Hector Macduff! (for reference on who we are listen to Insomnihour and Stage)

11 till 1 on Mondays mean its time to open up your earholes for two hours of music, mayhem and masterful radio presentation. 

URY Freshers '23: Freshers Fair

Join University Radio York as we broadcast live from Greg's Place in the centre of campus from 11:00 until 16:00 for Fresher's Fair 2023. The broadcast will include regular updates on the RAG voting, along with inteviews from societies and some extra special showcases!

Yorkie Talkies

Join hosts Eloise and Kate as they dive into the world of themed playlists, from heart-melting love songs to air-guitar anthems, and so much more! Get ready for exciting artist face-offs where YOU get to vote for your favorite artists. Discover new tracks, relive old classics, and tune in every week on Yorkie Talkies.