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The show where Alex Towells and a guest sit in the studio for an hour and plan the show as they go: no pre-loaded songs, no jingles, no script!

PM: Hometime with Towells

Hi! I'm Towells. I'm currently self-isolating, because I was in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. So, what better to do than to resurrect my old show about being at home? Join me for two hours of trying not to get FOMO too bad.

Breakfast: Welcome Week Wound-Up

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and you'd be able to see both really well if it wasn't so gosh darn cloudy - It's Friday Morning, and Welcome Week is drawing to a close. But what's it been like from a Fresher's perspective? Join Alex Towells and honest-to-goodness Fresher Scarlet Desorgher for a look back on Welcome week and a look forward to a year of university that's going to be full of new experiences for everyone...

Breakfast: The Weekly Wound-Up

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and you'd be able to see both really well if it wasn't so gosh darn cloudy - It's Friday Morning, and the week is drawing to a close. Join Scarlet Desorgher, Claudia Milani and Alex Towells for a look back on the week, the weather and the quality of the tea they made that morning.

Not hometime with Towells

It is like Ronseal in that it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Towells' Midweek Break

It's the middle of the week. You've been picked on in your webinar, the reading didn't make sense and even at double speed the lectures are beginning to drag. You deserve a break. Join Alex Towells for an hour of chill tunes and laid-back chat - go on, you've earned it.

Thursday Night Fever Dream

Sleep is for the weak. Radio is for the strong. Join Towells and Q for a show that may or may not be an out-of-body experience for all involved.


Yeah this show is still called Thursday Night Fever Dream even though it's on Friday now. Deal with it, we're lazy.

More Than A Beautiful Game

Have you ever wondered how you can get involved in the world of football without being good at the sport? That's what this podcast is all about! Alex Towells talks to a different guest from the world of football each episode about what they do, how they got there and how you can do it too.

Intro and Outro Music: 'The Fire' by Rory McLean


Keoni loves parody shows. So, he’s planned another! The twist? Every word, every pause, every mistake - all planned, all written, all seen by Towells for the first time as the mics go live. It’ll be crazy. It’ll be hectic. It’ll be scripted.

An hour event with Alex Towells and Keoni D'Souza

The Precrastination Situation

Scheduled before a good show

The Towells Show

Hi! I'm Towells. This is my show. Does what it says on the tin, really.

URY All Nighter: The Early Late Shift

Now the end of term has arrived, and we don’t have anything better to do with ourselves, we thought we’d ruin our sleep schedules for a laugh. Join the URY gang as we pull an all nighter for your amusement, and to prove that we can.


Alex Tant-Brown has been given the Early Late Shift - late in the day, but early in this all-night extravaganza. Grab a midnight snack and join us for two hours of sleep-deprived revelry.