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Audio Attack!
Lots of different genres of music will be played including 'metal' and 'nice stuff' (that's a genre now I think). Chatting too. Fun, yeah? Yeah.
Show-casing the very best big beat music, ranging from drum n bass, electro, house, techno and much more!
Christmas For Thee 3 hour Special
A music show; everything from folk to techno via warm fuzzy pop songs and jangly americana. Interviews with artists, specials on some of the pioneers out there at the moment and reports back from sweaty pub gigs around "The North".
Folk Off!
Formally Off the Halls-this is a music show of folky goodness to entertain (and educate) the masses, and prove it's not all Morris Dancers...
Geek Watch
News and views for geeks. Basically our resident geek (Matt) will be updating our geeky target audience on the latest internet and technology happenings. May feature updates on his little wizards.... Oh and matt will be playing geek orientated music. I will play belinda carlisle as always.
Just Listen...
Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno, Indie, Folk, World, Classical, Blues, Ambient, Punk... something for everyone in an electic mix, just lie back and listen.
Let's Get Liminal

An hour of minimal techno complemented by radiophonic music, sound experimentation and obscure sixties soundtracks.

Let's Get Minimal
An hour of mainly minimal/deep house techno mixed with interesting music of other genres.
Michael Thackray
The specialist music show for the brave and the bold. Over the next two weeks Michael Thackray will be finding out what more about the murkey depths Techno and Electronica, and then taking a look at the farther reaches of Americana and Folk music. A good set of headphones are recommended.
Miles Burleigh
Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno, Indie, Folk, World, Classical, Blues, Ambient, Punk... something for everyone in an electic mix, just lie back and listen.
URY's Music Team debate a wide range of musical issues as well as running down this week's Recommended Listening.
Two hours of great music - some you've heard, some you havn't - with Paul and Ollie.
Techy Techy
A look at today's scientific and technological wonderland coupled with a heady dose of eclectic music to make one digestible mix. Check out the official Twitter page as well. http://twitter.com/techytechyshow.
The Barclay Overnighter
Dance music... all through the night. From Electro, to Techno, trance, house and Dubstep.
URY LUNCH: Just Listen...
Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno, Indie, Folk, World, Classical, Blues, Ambient, Punk... something for everyone in an electic mix, just lie back and listen.
Bad Publicity
There IS such a thing as bad publicity, and it's right here! Join Mark and Sam as they take you through the best and worst in music, films and games. Featuring news, reviews and 'hilarious recommendations', Bad Publicity is your one stop show for fun and informative entertainment!
Live mixing of deep house, techno and more!
'The New World Order' by Ben Jeapes. Part 1: 1645
URY's national award winning team presents our most ambitious drama to date, available to hear worldwide at www.ury.org.uk, with two feature length Episodes over two consecutive weeks! ‘England, May 1645: The civil war that has torn England apart between King Charles I and Parliament is nearing its bloody conclusion — and in the English countryside, a stranger seeks his old love and finds there is a son whom he has never seen...’ You would be excused, perhaps, for thinking that this is the introduction to a thrilling historical drama. And you'd be dead right. Yet this is not the history you know, for the world has turned on to a new and deadly path. With breath-taking imagination, Ben Jeapes has wrenched the familiar flow of English history out of its course and made it into something else, something entirely other. There is a third force, an entirely alien force — the Holekhor — who have martial powers of their own, their own religious leaders who command mysterious and strange forces, and who bring with them technology that should not have been seen in England for another three hundred years... Prepare to be astounded. History will never be the same again.’ Described by the Sunday Times in 2004 as "Without doubt the best science fiction book of the year”, the national award winning drama team at University Radio York has the privilege of the first ever dramatization of this incredible novel. With an incredible cast of around 30 talented student actors and a specially composed score recorded by an ensemble fine student musicians this two part feature length drama brings you, through the power of radio, scenes to rival Hollywood epics as well as an intimate portrait of historical figures and beautifully crafted characters in a world turned on its head. NOTE: This production is only going to be broadcast once and will not be available on our on demand service.
Perpetual Motion
An hour mix of vinyl only house, techno and bass music
T Time
Underground UK Bass Music show, focussing on music in the 130 bpm funky house region. Also includes a wide variety of genres ranging from Disco to Garage. Guest mixes from local talent and relatively prominent DJ's with residencies at nights in Manchester and Leeds.
Boogie Nights
The best in current House, Techno and Garage with mixes from us and guests.

We are York Uni's only electronic music and DJ society, and will be providing a variety of underground genres running from Jazz and Afrobeat to UK Garage and Techno. We're aiming to educate our listeners in the most obscure and forward thinking music we could get our hands on, which means we will be getting some of our favourite selectors from York and nearby cities to provide guest mixes, as we plough through the hundreds of new releases that come out weekly. 

Castle Sessions

A music show of everything underground. Like the show Gully Riddems, but with better tunes and djs who actually know what they're doing.

Watson's Underground Hour

An hour of purely the best underground/experimental electronic music that I have discovered either online or in record shops across the country. Ranging from house & techno, to the unique London sounds of grime and garage I will try to alternate themes each week with some shows dedicated to specific labels, genres or time periods. Depending on what mood I am in I may even throw in some Disco.

Please enjoy the dark gritty sounds of the underground.

Diggin' Deep

A unique space to explore the underground side of electronic music, from disco and funk to dark and dub techno. The show is presented by Pol Piella, resident dj at On&On and Amnesia Ibiza and with a good knowledge from the underground scene.